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Ahmatovu have registered in Voronezh

Near children`s polyclinic 2, an end face smotrjashchejna a monument to Peter, the kind one hundred people has gathered.
- unless Anna Andreevna at us happened? - nedoumevaligorozhane. As it has appeared, happened.
- the first time to us has carried, when Mandelshtamvybral as a place for the link Voronezh, - regional specialist Oleg Lasunsky has educated. - And the second - when Ahmatova came it to come to see.
Mandelshtamy lived then on the Revolution prospectus, near to the central telegraph. But komnatushkabyla so it is small that for Anna Andreevny there progroan was places. And it has sheltered good znakomyjmandelshtama - agriculturist Feodor Marants, tozhessylnyj. And there was it in February, 1936. So vetom to year anniversary of visit of the ingenious poetess -
70 years.
the today`s three-storyed building in the street 20 letvlksm, 59 then was height of all in one and a half floor. The room where Ahmatova stopped, - napervom a floor, a window leaves on a monument to Peter. There lived here the poetess of all some days - with 5 on 11.
After visit to our city Anna Ahmatova napisalasledujushchie the lines devoted to Voronezh imandelshtamu:
... And over Peter
Voronezh - ravens
Yes a poplar, and the arch
it is light - green...
... And in a room
the disgraced poet
Are on duty fear
and a muse in the turn...

By the way, at opening of a board has not done without stihovoboih poets.
has made a memorable sign sculptor Yury Astapchenko. And money has collected voronezhtsy. Payments byliraznye - from 10 roubles to 5 thousand.