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Young kurjanam the authorities have forbidden to go out of doors at night

Thus have decided to struggle spodrostkovoj criminality.

entering У a curfew У for detejdo 14 years, in Kursk spoke for a long time. Militsejskajastatistika it is unfavourable: from the beginning godakolichestvo crimes, sovershennyhpodrostkami, has increased more than on 27процентов.
Now, under the local law, from October till April с22. 00 to 6. 00 and from May till September with 23. 00 to 6. 00 detjammladshe 14 years are forbidden to appear in obshchestvennyhmestah without parents or drugihsovershennoletnih relatives.
- as court yard, parks, city and suburban transport, stations, the airports, the entertaining centres, gambling institutions, cinemas, clubs and bars public in places are understood, - have explained У in the regional Duma. - Vspisok get also premises, zaiskljucheniem residences of the child and egoblizkih relatives.
In the document the penalty sum accurately makes a reservation. Careless parents should pay to desjatimrot, to owners and workers of places of leisure - from 10до 300 minimum wage rates.



In Belgorod a curfew sobljudajutbolshe year

In November, 2004 deputies of the regional Duma prinjalireshenie to forbid belgorodtsam is more younger 16 letpojavljatsja in the street without parents: in the winter после22. 00, and in the summer after 23. 00. Otherwise mum spapoj should fork up - to pay shtrafot 300 to 500 roubles. If at the teenager who nevygljadit for 16 years, will not be at itself of documents, militiamen go to it home. Then opravilnosti such decision there were many disputes. Someone considered that thus the drunk, smoked youth, there is less, who - tovozmushchalsja bias and nesovershenstvomnovovvedenija.
Has passed more year. Drunk schoolboys on samomdele became in public places less. There ihmogut to detain and send home.