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Sergey BALAHNIN: At stadium SKA we as houses

Last time rostovchane beat the Ruby in the autumn of 2004. Thanks to a goal of Iso Kanendy it is yellow - dark blue have saved to itself a place in the Prime minister - league. And here, in a past week-end on coast of Don citizens of Kazan and again " again have welcomed; Rostov has been obliged to conquer - to departure zones in total - that three points. Also Sergey Balahnina`s football players were for certain angered by insulting house defeat in last tour from the Locomotive : rostovchane to 73 - j minutes conducted in the bill, but have managed to lose, and, playing the majority! Therefore in the field of stadium SKA - SKVO they left with burning eyes. Also have quickly opened the bill: the Belarus halfback Rostov Timotheus Kalachev with speed of the express train has rushed in penal visitors where has been overturned on a lawn the defender the Ruby . Michael Osinov has outwitted 19 - the summer guard of gate of citizens of Kazan of Revishvili - 1:0. And on 28 - j to minute owners have scored one more goal. All same Kalachev has shot at the goal the Ruby and the ball from the player of citizens of Kazan was went by a ricochet in gate - 2:0.

the Trainer the Ruby Kurban Berdyev, by the way, two years won back in SKA, continually ran out to brovke and shouted at the players. And in the middle of the first time to it has probably bothered to repeat same - villages Berdyev on a bench and has begun to touch hands beads, calming itself. Citizens of Kazan managed to reduce rupture in the bill - Argentinean Dominges has accurately executed a penalty.

in the second time fans Rostov on pleasures have thrown from a tribune on a racetrack fajer, for what has been turned immediately out from stadium by law and order bodies.

after a match Sergey Balahnin was happy:
- it is healthy that we managed to defeat - three points to Rostov were necessary. Partly it is stadium SKA merit - SKVO. With such support as today, we felt at home. And pleasant memoirs have gushed over me.


Rostov - the Ruby
(Kazan) - 2:1 (2:1).

on August, 20th. Stadium SKA - SKVO. 6 000 spectators.

the judge: A.Nikolaev (Moscow).

Rostov : Bugs, Guteros, Bendz, Tanasevich, Krushchich, Flanks, Osinov, Kalachev, Dantsev (Beletsky, 67), Buznikin (Lajzans, 64), Gogniev (Kanenda, 85).

Goals: 1:0 - Osinov (11, from a penalty), 2:0 - Kalachev (28), 2:1 - Dominges (38, from a penalty).

the Best player of a match (the version - on - Don ) - Timotheus Kalachev.

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the Photo Anastass MATVEEVOJ.