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the Zhiguli has brought down three children

Terrible failure has occurred in Novousmanskomrajone.

On Saturday evening semidesjatishestiletny dachnikotvez the daughter in Somovo also came back on svojpriusadebnyj a site. About half vosmogovechera it a Zhiguli has seemed in poselkeshuberskoe.
- Ahead along the street Lenin went trinadtsatiletnijvelosipedist. According to eyewitnesses, parnishkareshil to curtail to the friends. They stood naprotivopolozhnoj to the road party, at the house of one izmalchishek, - Tatyana SUSHKOVA, the senior inspector interdistrict otdelapropagandy has told to us traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Voronezh region.
during this moment the six has just overtaken spodrostkom. There was a collision. The bicyclist has jumped aside in front steklolegkovushki. The driver has not coped upravleniemi has moved down on a roadside. There the car has hooked eshchedvoih on boys. One of them parents even nestali to show to the doctor, have withdrawn home. And the second scherepno - a brain trauma Fast has taken away vbolnitsu. Now twelve years parnishkalezhit in resuscitation. The brought down bicyclist sperelomami and bruises too is in hospital.