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Moiseyev`s ballet has brought four tons of suits

the Voronezh spectators have arranged tantsoramdesjatiminutnuju an ovation.

- Yes - and - and! For such and money it is not a pity! - udovletvorenno the public who has come on Friday on a concert legendarnogoansamblja hooted in an interval.
to admire was than. In the first certificate gave “ Dances of nations of the world “. Russian national dance “ Summer “ smoothly flowed in “ dzhigitsky “ smenjalsjagrecheskim “ the Sirtaki “ outgrew in Korean “ Sanchanga “ then Mexican “ Sapateo “ iargentinsky “ Gaucho “...
- Only natural fabrics, a manual embroidery! - Elena SHCHERBAKOVA bragged the director of ensemble, showing a requisite. - some suits “ native “ - a gift of the countries where we acted, for example for the Korean and Egyptian dances. Many dresses restavrirovany. And still wigs, footwear... Expensively, in general. Our luggage is insured on 150 tysjachdollarov.
In dresses easily it was possible to lose the way! Hangers and chairs with clothes was zastavlenovse a free space - and offstage, and vsluzhebnyh corridors, and in make-up rooms. The luggage brought to Voronezh, has pulled on 4 tons! It iponjatno: 85 persons of actors.
to dancers pay from 20 to 45 thousand roubles
Having torn through a jungle of suits, “ on searches of our fellow countrymen, tantsujushchihv the well-known ensemble.
- the Voronezh dancers well prepared, - the teacher - tutor Victor NIKITUSHKIN has shared, - here only have one feature. Will dance unas a little, will get the status “ moiseevtsa “ - podnaberutsjaopyta and glories - and... Run across in other collectives! But three you at us now dance: Olja Voronkova, Ira Sibirtseva and Lesha Rybalkin.
the Question “ your actors How much earn? “ has hung in mid-air. Administration hranilakommercheskuju secret. However this secret myraskryli thanks to the first comer zakulisami “ moiseevtsu “. It has appeared, youth (asredny age of dancers 22 - 25 years) poluchaetporjadka 20 thousand roubles a month. From them 3000 - the budgetary rate, the rest - sredstvaprezidentskogo the grant. The salary narodnyhartistov reaches 45 thousand.
Olju Voronkovu we “ have guessed “ at once. Therefore kakvoronezhskuju the beauty it is visible far off: glazastajai the nice. Ole 24 years, it has ended nashehoreograficheskoe school. In ensemble rabotaetuzhe six years.
- I very much like to dance here. But at first it was, of course, very difficult. Loading ļščėč÷ķą’:šåļåņčöčč with 10. 00 to 15. 00 and with 19. 00 to 21. 00, chetyrekontserta in a month in capital tour plus. And navyezde such busy schedule that here tolkopoldnja with parents has spent, and then - narepetitsiju.
not to confuse to Borej Moiseyev!
In a present concert of Olja danced the ljubimyjrussky dance “ Summer “. And in “ Nights on the Bald mount “ Moiseyev`s favourite ballet, played a witch. This role, despite mysticism, at all does not frighten it.
that you will not tell about spectators. When has begun sletnechistoj forces, the fairy tale looked nastolkorealnoj that in a pause between muzykalnymiotryvkami silence of a hall cut ispugannyjdetsky a voice: “ Oh, I am afraid! “
with last chord of music of halls has risen and ustroilovatsiju. And it, has appeared, not the end! And more whole 10ģčķóņ actors danced, and public (and an orchestra, ibeletazh, and a balcony) and remained to stand, vkontse the ends has beaten off palms!
- means, it was pleasant! - has smiled direktorkollektiva. - And you present, us still which - gdeputajut with Borej Moiseyev...
unless it is possible such to confuse!