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In Voronezh becomes less minibuses

250 У GAZELLES У will go round gorodstoronoj.

One of these days in regional management of traffic police argued obezopasnosti passengers. After all every fifth road accident vstolitse Chernozem region occurs with uchastiemavtobusov.
- In a city there is no train diagramme. All avtobusyvyezzhajut at the same time also rush nakonechnye stops, - ZhozefErKnApEsHjAN, the chief upravlenijagosudarstvennogo road supervision povoronezhskoj areas was indignant. - yes, and more! Zajavljajuofitsialno: the enterprises, whose buses will get vdtp, will not work more!
but the most sick callosity became skopleniemarshrutok in city centre.
- at us an overabundance У GAZELLES У. So, only poprospektu Revolutions in day there pass 53 routes (более700 cars), across Moskovsky prospectus - 61 route (более900 buses), along the street Kirov -
52 (more than 600 minibuses), - Sergey SEMYNIN, deputy chief UGIBDD of area has told.
that as - that to lower breakdown susceptibility on roads, transport workers have decided to unload the centre of Voronezh. However, when it will occur, yet clearly, all only in plans. But experts have already sounded that minibuses, which carry people from suburb (aeto 250 cars), will start up now on district roads. So, for example, if earlier У the GAZELLE У napravljalasiz a Novovoronezh to the Glory monument now onabudet to go not ro to the central streets, and to a detour. Adalee passengers will change on city buses.
idea - that quite good, but only on the one hand. Nadorogah becomes less stoppers, and it is possible, ibolshe an order. And here to people it will be more difficult. In - the first, it is necessary to do superfluous change, in - the second, to pay for journey twice.



From the beginning of this year in Voronezh oblastiproizoshlo 1097 road accidents with participation of minibuses. From them vstolitse Chernozem region - 942.
Because of drivers of buses in area произошло710 failures (in them 43 persons have suffered). In Voronezhesluchilos 626 incidents (32 persons poluchiliranenija).


- It is necessary to change all system of transportations! Otherwise jamogu itself to be converted through television kvoronezhtsam. And I will tell: У Dear inhabitants, vsvjazi that we cannot obespechitbezopasnuju transportation you, I offer better hoditpeshkom. But thus you remain are live!
the head of department State
road supervision across the Voronezh region (izvystuplenija on May, 12th
2006 at meeting in UGIBDD).