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In explosion on “ Sintezkauchuke “ the shiftman is guilty?

to court have submitted the case about last year`s avariina factory.

In a city the failure echo, kotorajasluchilas on SK on May, 4th as were distributed otgoloskiprezhnej has not abated yet. That when on November, 23rd 2005 - go privzryve capacities from - under styrene pogiblaapparatchitsa Tatyana Masina, and two workers sozhogami have got to hospital. One of them, JurijLevashov, after couple of weeks has died.
then the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has raised ugolovnoedelo under article “ Infringement of rules of a labour safety “. The special commission of experts of all levels, provedjaekspertizu, has established: in tragedy people are guilty. But particularly named nobody. And at last deloperedali in court. Article - “ Infringement pravilbezopasnosti on explosive objects “. Main accused - 37 - the summer shiftman, on duty that ill-starred November night. Emugrozit till seven years of prison.
- the Experienced worker. Was the shiftman okolodesjati years, - Evgenie AVERIN, starshijsledovatel Left-bank Office of Public Prosecutor speaks. - Odnakoon has committed errors, from - for kotoryhrazgermetizirovalas that capacity. Vrezultate - explosion and a fire, were lost people.
after all happened the man perezhilsilnejshy the nervous breakdown and almost with polovinojmesjatsa has spent two in psychiatric clinic. But, pozakljucheniju physicians, completely we make. Itself onsvoju fault recognised completely. And chistoserdechnoraskajalsja...

Tatyana TELPIS

the Photo: TKACHEV Alexander

Life suffered on May, 4th in failure on SK extradangers
- Valery Zajtseva`s Status now vpolneudovletvoritelnoe, - has told to us KonstantinOlegovich LAKATOSH, the attending physician of Regional Astnojklinichesky hospital. - now it goes napopravku and will be shortly translated izreanimatsii in chamber. The patient has received 85 - 90%υθμθχερκξγξ obmorozhenija skin and overcooling. The situation could be much worse, if nazavode have worked not so operatively.
Olga BOLTNEVA has written down.