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The sportsman from the Duck runs days

In the World championship by this kind sportavladimir Bull-calves has received a bronze medal.

39 - the summer inhabitant of the Belgorod region VladimirBychkov has become famous for the whole world for endurance iuserdiem. Recently it has returned from the championship to one of track and field athletics kinds - to daily run, - which passed on islands at jugo - vostochnogopoberezhja Asia.
it not Vladimir`s first participation in sorevnovanijahtakogo level. And each time the sportsman tolkouluchshaet the results.
this year distance overcoming in 246 kilometrovbylo is complicated by the nature (there was a torrential rain) iorganizatorami (they have placed obstacles). 150участников from every corner of the globe ran on plitochnympokrytijam and to stony steps. Therefore pobedavladimira Bychkova is valid bolshoedostizhenie.
- I have chosen for a long time for myself run, - rasskazyvaetchempion. Is the most accessible sport. And more onuspokaivaet nervous system. During run jadumaju about everything, only not about a distance. Otdyhajudushoj.
Faster Bychkova were only Japanese Riochi Sekija (pervoemesto) and Frenchman Magroun Mahomed (second).
Such results the teacher of physical culture izposelka the Duck achieved almost 25 years. SejchasVladimir Bull-calves prepares for itself worthy change. Izsta pupils of rural school
70 - its pupils. Is among them and prize-winners - two champions of the country in the vozrastnyhkategorijah Alesha Kotsarev and Misha Zvyagintsev. pokarebjata 10 kilometres (bolshiedistantsii to children it is forbidden to run), but neiskljucheno that very soon world nagradydostanutsja it run only.