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The gipsy from Moscow suburbs delivered to Rostov heroin

52 - summer narko - sbytchika have detained on departure from Azov - it just carried the next party of heroin and marihuana.

- we left on this network even in the winter, - have informed in Management of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances. - Then it was possible to detain two small wholesalers - the Georgians receiving a potion just from this gipsy. But to hand over on a consequence they it did not become - were silent, as guerrillas! Also have received a sentence under the full program - for 9 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. And nevertheless it was possible to take this citizen, it was necessary though to work much.

the Gipsy (by the way, it is registered under the passport in one small town situated near Moscow though really already long time lives on Don) unrolled on fresh BMW of the fifth series, transporting drugs from the suppliers to Rostov. Here fast dumped the goods to authorised representatives also rushed behind new party.

- In its man purse we have found out some debentures more than on 30 thousand dollars, the power of attorney on motor transport, documents on real estate, cards necessary people, - narcopolicemen have told. - now we check participation in drug-dealing of those misters which appear in the withdrawn papers.