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Has burnt down a recreation centre of a name of Kirov

the Fire has happened yesterday at midday.

At first zapolyhala a scene, then on derevjannymperekrytijam the flame was threw on a roof. poslovam rescuers, by fire it has been captured nearby
150 square metres, from them in a building - лишь20. The roof has most strongly suffered. pozharustranili quickly, in its suppression bylazadejstvovana 21 fire-engine. The people who were in a building, operatively evacuated, therefore nobody has suffered from fire.
as the kindling reason short circuit pripodkljuchenii equipments for an accounting concert which should take place here in shestchasov evenings has served. According to the chief of GO CHS VoronezhaSergeja Illarionovicha Homuka, a recreation centre it. kirovajavljaetsja object of the raised danger from - zamassovogo congestions of people.
failures continue to pursue factory SK, nabalanse which there is a palace of culture. Let`s remind that in the beginning of May on predprijatiiproizoshla a major accident, as a result kotorojpostradali two persons.