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In Voronezh the most known group on the Internet

Scandalous collective " will act; Plehanovo vpervyeposetit our city.

Lipetsk ensemble Plehanovo collecting vsvoem a native city thousand halls, it is known idaleko behind its limits. Musicians uspeshnovystupajut in capital clubs, them piracy by disks it is filled up legendary the Top crust quantity of downloadings of songs on the Internet davnoperevalilo for one million (!) .
Scandalous popularity Plehanovo priobreliposle a song exit the Striptease in which nepostesnjalis to use nenormativnujuleksiku. From - for it group have hastened to enlist vstan the punk - fate, comparing its compositions with pesnjamisergeja Shnurova and Leningrad the Red mould Gaza Strip . Musicians with it do not agree.
- Our style is, as a matter of fact, raznozhanrovyj vinaigrette, - they speak. - to it we for three godasushchestvovanija groups and have not thought up the name. Onpostojanno changes, develops. Among themselves mynazyvaem it plehinskie songs . But not nadodumat that all our creativity is constructed on a floor-mat. At us it is a lot of songs with usual lyrics. But all - takina we invite our Voronezh concert ljudejstarshe 18 years - we plan to stir up krutujuvecherinku on the verge of a foul !
As it was possible to find out to our newspaper, spetsialnodlja the Voronezh public plehanovtsy have prepared a surprise - a remake of one of songs of JurijaHoja - Klinsky, the leader well-known Gaza Strip . And performance lipchan as a whole will be posvjashchenopamjati our fellow countryman.
a group concert Plehanovo will take place on May, 26th vdk Komintern. The beginning in 20. 00. Tickets - vstudencheskih trade-union committees VGU and Polytechnic University and kassahdk. The price - from 100 roubles.