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Averbuh it is ready to call Pljushchenko “ To a barrier! “

now on the country go with tours dvaledovyh show. In “ Stars on ice “ Ilya Averbuhavmeste with figure skaters - pros act the actors participating in the teleproject. And in konkurirujushchemshou “ Gold ice of the Stradivari “ EvgenijPljushchenko goes for a drive. And here in the end of February razrazilsjagromky scandal: the Olympic pair of Totmjanina - Marininushla from show of Pljushchenko to Averbuhu. For what Evgenijhochet to bring an action against them.

“ the glory of Zavorotnjuk does not give to Eugene rest? “

- Ilya, in what status yours neglasnajavojna with Pljushchenko?
- I try not to make comments vyskazyvanijaevgenija or its environments. To me on a broader scale it is not clear that is now created round Eugene. The onsamodostatochnyj person and the great figure skater who is not needing flashing every day on oblozhkahs by headings of type “ I Marry “ “ I get divorced “ “ Now I have fallen in love with another “. Same it is simple “ Santa - Barbara “ any! Perhaps to it does not give rest slavazavorotnjuk? I also do not participate in this polemic. But jagotov to go to transfer of Soloveva “ To a barrier! “ ivyjasnit all questions not for eyes, and in the opened.
- all - taki with what formulation to vampereshli Totmjanina and Marinin?

Colleagues consider that Pljushchenko has played in “ Santa - Barbara “.

- Matter is not in the finance. The initiative proceeded otrebjat. Originally they have accepted Zheninopredlozhenie. But have then appeared nedovolnyurovnem the tour organisations. The list from zajavlennyhpljushchenko 35 cities thaws in the face of: yesterday on sajteja saw 26, and today already 22. Children have asked, mogutli to use the offer, which I imsdelal to it. I think, all rests vovzaimootnoshenija between children and Evgenie. Etovnutrennjaja history, also it was necessary tsivilizovannorazobratsja among themselves. Well and as to court, it not the criminal. I have warned children that unih problems from - for podpisannogokontrakta can begin. And they understood, on what go. Recently myposmotreli that contract, also has arisen a question: leah Pljushchenko asmozhet on a broader scale on it to have legal proceedings?

sex - a symbol does the Title figuristkudorozhe

- Tell, Anna Semenovich truth sobiraetsjavozvrashchatsja in sports and to participate in the Olympic Games?
- Absolute idiocy. You should understand that this information of the same category, as article opljushchenko. Naturally, Anja worries slozhnyjmoment - she has left group “ Shining “. Ipoetomu as any actress, simply needs vtom that about it did not forget. Probably, its public relations - menedzheretu also have started a gossip.
- giving thanks “ to Stars on ice “ figuristovstali to equate to show stars - business. Recently Navku recognised sex - a symbol number odinv Russia. What do you think of it?
It is normal and deservedly delaetfiguristov “ more expensively “. It is necessary to look really naveshchi. Take, for example, to Petrov and Tikhonov. Brilliant pair! But they cannot struggle zaolimpijskoe " any more; Gold “ after all to Alexey then will be 40λες! However thanks to the project all know them inosjat on hands. And they on this glory smogutzarabatyvat money still a minimum of years five. Going for a drive in fans, figure skaters understand, chtozavoevyvajut a champion`s title for the sake of the future dividends. Professionalism is any more sports, and show. And, certainly, that they were on sale and on nihshli people is better, is necessary already any secular istorijatipa a rating sex - symbols. Navke already netneobhodimosti to show threefold jumps. On Tatyana come to look, admire and dream simply about sex - a symbol.

with Evgenie the figure skater does not make comments on Personal relations.

In a subject

Tatyana TOTMJANINA: Pljushchenko not imeetprava to bring an action against us!

“ has talked apropos ledovogoskandala and with its direct uchastnitsejtatjanoj Totmjaninoj.
- We have not left from Pljushchenko to Averbuhu. We prostosdelali the choice! - Tatyana " has told; - After all at us it was primary dvapredlozhenija - from Ilya and Eugene`s show. In October mydumali that all in “ the Stradivari “ it will be worthy - to us guaranteed 35 performances, and we have chosen etuprogrammu. But by the time of the tour beginning was not nipodrobnogo a drawing of tours, ofitsialnogorazreshenija from Federation figured katanijarossii. Besides, our surnames did not appear nanekotoryh posters. But thus organizers shounastaivali, that in all interviews myupominali forthcoming tour. As a result we have decided that we will act in show of Averbuha. And about ρσδΰ:Εβγενθι - the same participant of show, as well as we. It neorganizator, not the legal body, at it even netjuridicheskogo educations. And consequently it not imeetprava to do such statements.
- hearings that has put here in lichnyhotnoshenijah between you and Pljushchenko went.
- Without comments.
- be not going to come back in ljubitelskijsport?
is it will be known after the World championship. We want to look, as the youth progresses. Because if to come back, only for pervymmestom, after all the worst is the second. And we uzhezavoevali all possible medals.
- From show - business does not arrive offers?
- Arrive. But at cinema did not call, yes I and nerassmatrivaju itself as the actress. On a broader scale, not ljubljudelat errors. If in something to be engaged, snachalanuzhno to it to learn. To me have suggested to enter vpartiju. Has refused: to sell the person and bytposmeshishchem - not for me!
- it is rumored that soon you it is possible budetuvidet on a cover of man`s magazine.
- There are such offers. Only naked jasnimatsja precisely not I will!
- and if will not return to amateur sports, than would like to be engaged except performance vledovyh show?
- I Want to be learnt on the lawyer, me it ocheninteresno. Would like to open spa - a beauty salon. I like any procedures, this mine samoeljubimoe employment.

the Main dividends of Tani - national love.

And at this time

Navka has acted in film

Certainly, Tatyana Navka shone in show. Spectators have risen in applause also her “ gangster “ number together with constant partner RomanomKostomarovym, and a duet with Ilya Averbuhom, kotoryjzamenil Marata Basharova in numbers from the teleproject.
And in life Tatyana looked is dazzling, when left to look at ice before performance, muffling up in a mink fur coat.
- Tatyana, what do you think of what stalinomerom one sex in a rating - symbols?
- it is positive. It is pleasant to me, though jaosobenno and did not reflect on this subject.
- and what dividends it brings?
- It is expressed in national love. Still stalobolshe offers - both from mass-media, and from TV - vestiprogrammy, but I refuse. There are offers and vkino. Here recently has played the figure skater in filmealeksandra Abdulov, the working name “ the Valdai triangle “. And in a serial jaotkazalas to play, it not mine, and time is not present, jazhe in tour tour.
- with Maratom Basharovym be on friendly terms after show? Like you it would be pleasant to it?
- In love to me he did not speak. And so we are on friendly terms, but basically by phone, a cup of coffee not udaetsjapobalovatsja. But soon it will join tour, itogda we will see more often.