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“ Chelsea “ puts on in “ Provincial style “!

the president has responded To questions of our readers about modnojindustrii Voronezh konkursovdizajnerov, director Voronezhskogopredstavitelstva Ivanovo gosudarstvennojtekstilnoj academies Nikolay

- Good afternoon, my name is Irina, jastudentka, I live on V.Nevsky`s street. NikolajSergeevich, you it is serious zanimaetespedagogicheskoj and publishing ipri it hold competitions of fashion designers. For chegovam it is necessary?
- As to the citizen and patriot Voronezhskojoblasti to me it is not indifferent that in it occurs. It is my contribution to its development, to its increase imidzhai investment appeal. regionschitaetsja stable, if in it provodjatsjakonkursy beauty and fashions. Developed sferapotreblenija bears that at ljudejnet fears for political and ekonomicheskujusituatsiju, means, the society is ready zhitsozidatelno. Therefore I also undertook development feshn - the industries. In our corner of the world this sphere was a lame duck. Iblagodarja to those projects which we have offered - festival of young designers of clothes “ Gubernskijstil “ a beauty contest “ the Don beauty “ selection tours of competitions “ the Couturier of year “ and “ Russian silhouette “ already nobody doubts that Voronezh - the centre of a fashion and beauty of EvropejskojRossii.

to the Fashion in Voronezh to be!

- Ljubov Konstantinovna Pashkovabespokoit, I the seller. What is feshn - the industry?
- Everything that is connected with a fashion. Services in sferepodgotovki shots for this segment of the market, clothes manufacture, its realisation, formirovanievkusa the consumer, carrying out professionalnyhpokazov and competitions. The Voronezh region vnastojashchy the moment has all conditions for razvitijavseh segments feshn - the industries. And with ours pomoshchjuona will dynamically develop.

- My name is Natalia Haritonova, the homemaker from street Holzunova. On - to mine, modnyjbiznes Voronezh is a fiction! About it even nepishut!
- Fashionable business is not what modnozanimatsja. It is the business connected with sphere modyi of beauty. That about it write, still neznachit a little that it is not present. Its development goes dovolnobystro. Boutiques and salons, pojavljajutsjakollektsii from local designers open. Tekstilnajaakademija prepares experts of this profile. Myreguljarno we hold festivals and konkursydizajnerov: “ the Couturier of year “ “ Russian silhouette “ “ Provincial style “. These are the social projects directed on support young dizajnerovodezhdy. And “ “ reguljarnojavljaetsja their information sponsor so chtoprochitat about it it is possible in archive of a site of the newspaper. On a broader scale on the Internet only about “ Provincial style “ great variety of materials. The last novostimozhno also to learn in competition organising committee potelefonu (4732 39 - 78 - 25.

On “ Provincial style “ do not favour!

- I live in Northern area, call menjaelena Ivanovna. My daughter possesses tvorcheskimizadatkami, how in Voronezh mozhnoprobitsja to beginning designers?
- In - the first to be defined with budushchejprofessiej and to enter educational institution. To graduate in sphere dizajnaodezhdy, designing of garments it is possible vnashem representation Ivanovskojgosudarstvennoj of textile academy (street Textile workers, 5δ). Good preparation in sferesrednego vocational training give vprofessionalno - teacher training college. Achtoby to prove as tvorcheskujulichnost it is necessary to participate in everyone rodakonkursah, for example, in “ Provincial style “. Etoobstojatelnyj competition from the point of view of jury level, konkursantov, audiences. Through it we stremimsjavyjavit and to support young talantlivyhdizajnerov which offer novyjoriginalnyj a sight at the clothes world. We ihnagrazhdaem also start up in the big swimming.
- and what gives competition?
- It provides worthy iprofessionalnoe further prodvizhenieuchastnikov. Owner Gran - at is nominated nanatsionalnuju the award in the field of the fashion industry, it is the higher award in this sphere in Russia. The winner of a nomination “ Pret - and - port “ it is sent to Paris on festival “ the Dnirossijsky fashion in Europe “. The prize-winner in a nomination “ Creative “ becomes the finalist mezhdunarodnogokonkursa “ Russian silhouette “ uchrezhdennogotatjanoj Mihalkovoj. And the winner in a nomination “ Ethnostyle “ wins a monetary prize in 25 tysjachrublej on the further creative development. Takzhemnogo prizes from partners and organizatorovkonkursa - the sewing equipment, fabrics, izdanieavtorskogo the booklet. The general sponsor in etomgodu is the cellular communication company “ MTS “.

- you are disturbed by Anna Evgenevna, jarabotaju the bookkeeper. At my acquaintance ochentalantlivaja a daughter, to it 21 year. She wanted bypoprobovat the forces at competition, but considers that there all is bought also all places raspredelenyzaranee.
- to Favour, lose the image namprosto there is no sense! Last year Gran - at vzjaladevochka from district of Krasnodar territory - JulijaKuhol. She already has had time to show successfully svojuodezhdu in Paris and even has sold a part svoejkollektsii a press - to the secretary of " command; Chelsea “! Etogovorit that have noted the girl correctly, zatalant! And after all in Voronezh nobody knew it. At nasnezavisimoe jury from 15 persons, from them voronezhtsevtolko three. They come directly kpokazu, to get acquainted with works in advance at nihprosto there is no possibility. In voting sheets surnames konkursantov are unwritten, there only nomeravyhodov - will objectively notice not the girl, and talent!

From 39 students designers became only 13!

- Good afternoon, it is Elena Kazinkina. I 10 - letnijrebenok is engaged in the creativity centre, tell, a leah is in a city children`s competitions of fashion designers ikak to take in their part?
- the creativity Center “ Mia maid “ in etomgodu the third time holds competition for junyhdizajnerov “ Style and a fashion “. Is ochenavtoritetnyj competition “ Freckles “ kotoryjprovodit 12 years on end city dvoretstvorchestva children and youth. Children from 7δξ participate 14 years. And will grow up, come naprofessionalnyj competition “ Provincial style “ unas an age threshold till 35 years.

- Lyudmila disturbs, I work as the manager, I live on street Dimitrova. How much dizajnerovvypuskaet in a year your academy?
- the First release of experts in Voronezhesostojalsja in the summer of last year. Arrived 39χελξβεκ, have let out 13 designers of clothes. The others were eliminated in the course of training, potomuchto we are responsible for quality. Obespechivaemhoroshy level of knowledge: one of ours vypusknitsstala the winner in competition diplomnyhrabot, passing in Vladivostok! Nashastudentka - zaochnitsa has outdone sotniuchastnikov, trained on the day. Nashistudenty after all - zaochniki. At us they povyshajutprofessionalnyj level, provide sebekarernyj growth in the future. All vypusknikirabotajut on a speciality on predprijatijahnashego region.

“ Provincial style “ and study of local lore

- Hello, my name is the Novel, jazhurnalist. Tell, festival “ Provincial style “ and the literary magazine with the same name - etoedinyj the project?
- Yes, it is the uniform program, napravlennajana development of culture of region. In each sphere, whether it be the fashion, the literature, household behaviour, is looked through provincial style. Vblizhajshih plans “ Provincial style “ - study of local lore. On scientifically - practical konferentsiikraevedov, historians and writers of Tsentralnogoregiona which will take place in the end of May, mysobiraemsja to define that represents sobojstil to provincial Russia in the past, present ibudushchem.

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