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The girl has paid off in a supermarket with a bookmark for the book

Young lipchanka has easily deceived prodavtsovkrupnogo a supermarket, having paid off knizhnojzakladkoj, made in the form of 1000 - a rouble denomination. The cashier has noticed nothing. Only at pereschetenalichnosti in the evening workers magazinauzhasnulis. Instead of money they have found kartonku snadpisju the Ticket of bank of tricks .
- the Girl has made purchase on 600 roubles, yes eshchechetyresta took on delivery. All it happens podkonets the working day. The cashier already rather ustalai only therefore has managed to miss a fake, - the working woman of shop Irina LUNEVA has told .
However in the evening of the same day militsioneramudalos to detain the girl who has mocked nadprodavtsami. In that interval of time only odnapokupatelnitsa paid off tysjacherublevkoj . The cashier has made eepodrobnoe the description. Yes 19 - summer lipchanka and nedumala to open, and has declared that is simple hotelaposhutit.
- Under article for counterfeit money to involve it neudastsja. After all not it made a denomination Bank of tricks . To the girl can predjavitobvinenie in swindle but as summaushcherba is not considerable dljasupermarketa it, most likely, prostovozmestit to loss shop, - the lawyer

has told