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In Lipetsk Ekaterina Gusev has missed the husband

We continue to watch how on gorodamchernozemja celebrities with new show of IliAverbuha travel about. According to the well-known figure skater, the main criterion at selection in Stars on ice there was a degree of popularity of actors. Two iznaibolee demanded stars on Saturday left naled a Lipetsk Palace of sports Star .
Vyacheslav Razbegaev who has played bad guys vboevikah the Antikiller - 2 and Personal number on dnjahvoshel in a rating 25 Russian sex - symbols, poversii the same First channel.
- I have learnt about it casually - the actor has told. - I do not know, who and on what parametres made etotspisok. That has got only on 21 - e a place, menjanichut has not upset. And that I I breathe in spinukirkorovu even has amused. Then carry jabolshe feathers and latex - would occupy a line above?

to Feathers and latex Vyacheslav Razbegaev prefers a sports form of the team of Russia.

Otnoshenija Razbegaeva with the fads takzheskladyvalis is uneasy.
- in the childhood, playing with children in a court yard in hockey, javsegda played goal in valenoks, - priznalsjaakter. - It was necessary to apply many forces, for togochtoby adequately to keep on ice.
unlike the colleague, Ekaterina Gusev for vremjatrenirovok and performances filled gorazdomenshe bruises and cones.
- on the first training of Averbuh has asked, why japrishla without gloves. - has told Gusev. - It has appeared, it rescues hands from traumas at falling. But I have solved: I will do without them. And it is valid, did not fall almost. And if fell - that without sereznyhposledstvy. Such I... The soft.
It seems that during long tour tour Stars on ice the cine spouse the foreman Sashi White has had time to miss on svoejnastojashchej to a family. In Lipetsk under firm kurtkuolimpijskoj plot Gusev`s national team namajku with an inscription I so waited for you, Vova! in vsjugrud.
- my husband call Vladimir, - with sad ulybkojotvetila the actress on a question to whom it is addressed etoobrashchenie. And then, considerably having become cheerful, has added: As all - taki is good that tomorrow we will arrive vmoskvu and I at last - that will visit at home .

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Averbuh carries with itself a tennis table

On the eve of tours in Lipetsk stars posetilistaryj Oskol. For an hour and a half before performance of IljaAverbuh and Vyacheslav Razbegaev razlozhiliprivezennyj with itself a little table also were accepted rezatsjav tennis.
- on what game, on interest? - Questions otzevak fell down.
- Only on money, - Averbuh izapulnul a twisted ball towards Razbegaeva has smiled. Vyacheslav skilfully parried Ilya`s giving with shout:
- Not that has attacked, the dude!
however eventually victory dostalasolimpijskomu to the champion. Having properly warmed up, stars have gone on ice.