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The vandals who have crushed the Jewish cemetery

We already are detained wrote about 20 gravestones of the Jewish churchyard which have suffered from vandals (number from 10 see) . The first about a disgrace uznalsmotritel cemeteries Nikolay Goncharov. In the morning 6 he has found out that is tumbled down neskolkomogilnyh monuments. At the first sight naizuvechennye gravestones at once it became clear that onisvaleny blows of feet. And blows were such force, chtodazhe the armature could not keep a plate on a place. From twenty oskvernenyh tombs only third was sevrejskimi surnames, the others - orthodox.
- it means that on a cemetery hooligans whom was all the same, chtorushit, most likely, have visited, - Nikolay Goncharov considers.
however that, what`s happened on a cemetery dvumjamesjatsami earlier, on January, 4th, does not leave nikakihsomneny that it there was a trick of anti-semites. Then four evrejskiemogily were obezobrazhenyfashistskoj a swastika. Anybody on it ugolovnomudelu has not been detained.
the Lenin Office of Public Prosecutor has united in one business obaprestuplenija - January and March. And uzhecherez ten days, 16 - go numbers, have appeared pervyepodozrevaemye.
- we Can tell only that one of them of 19 years, onuchitsja in technical training college, - was declared by Michael of MOUSTACHES, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Voronezh region. - Its accomplice, 20 - the summer welder, already was sudimza theft and passed on the case of car stealing.
both voronezhtsa admit that urodovalimogily on the Jewish cemetery. PTUshnik dazheutverzhdaet that he participated in both pogroms.
- they did it from hooligan inatsionalisticheskih motives, - protsitirovalpokazanija arrested persons Andrey PHILEMONS, the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area.

it is possible, this inscription nazis have revenged for detention of the friends.
a photo: TKACHEV Alexander

And at this time

Hooligans have defiled a synagogue

Only guards of the law and order have reported that have detained two persons who are involved kpogromu on the Jewish cemetery as unknown persons vsubbotu have covered with drawings synagogue walls in the evening. Nazdanii vandals a paint have written antisemitskielozungi and have drawn swastikas. And prodelalioni it is literally for a quarter of hour. As raznakanune to Voronezh from Moscow there has arrived the rabbi. Vsubbotu in the morning it has held service, and in the evening snovazaehal in a synagogue. For those 15 minutes while it was vpomeshchenii, unknown persons have decorated a building.
it was required to even less time, that the message oskandale has reached Moscow.
- we want, that criminals they ponesliby have found also fair punishment for razzhiganiemezhreligioznoj break a set. These fashistvujushchiemolodchiki dishonour inhabitants of Voronezh, dishonour nashustranu! - has told Zinovy KOGAN, predsedatelkongressa the Jewish religious communities iorganizatsy Russia.
In the synagogue consider that this business rukmestnyh hooligans. Yesterday there almost four chasarastvoritelem ottirali a swastika from a wall.
- all the same dark stains remained, - LevKRAKOV, the head of a synagogue complains .
And here the consequence has an interesting version on etomudelu:
- We do not exclude that, probably, it there was a revenge zazaderzhanie two suspected in pogromeevrejskogo cemeteries, - AndrejFILIMONOV, the assistant to public prosecutor Leninskogorajona speaks . - Criminal case is raised on dvumstatjam: Vandalism and Public appeals kosushchestvleniju extremist activity .