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In Kursk a duet nepara sorted out relations

on March, 19th on a scene of garrison Officers` Club vkurske lighted a duet nepara . Viktorijatalyshinsky and Alexander Shoua have visited in nashemgorode for the first time and remained are very happy priemomzritelej.
- Was so unexpectedly and pleasantly when posleispolnenija songs of halls has risen, - has told Vick. - Takoebyvaet is very rare!
at a concert of Sasha constantly pinned up to Vick, said that to it and colours why - that krasivyedevushki give more, and dresses at it hototbavljaj, and at it only one old T-shirt.
- Perhaps you one will sing? - Alexander upartnershi has asked. - it is perfect with it you consult, and I vzale will sit, I will look, as you on a scene look.
- with you is more cheerful, remain, - has responded Vick.
after a concert we have gone for side scenes. Sasha ochem - that talked to musicians, and Vick longed.
- Vick, admit, with Sashej it is easy to you to work?
- it is very heavy, we such different...
Sasha has approached to us.
- my Stones have decided to wash up? And to you I will tell, why to it with me it is difficult. It all vremjaopazdyvaet on rehearsal and anything without menjasdelat cannot.
Vick has kept silent.
- Sasha, share a secret, how podnjatcheloveku mood?
- I Think, it is necessary to present to it what - nibudpodarok. Now Vick will tell that I the deceiver.
- certainly. You unique of all nashegokollektiva to me have not presented anything on 8 Martha. Daladno has not presented, has not congratulated even! At us devjatmuzhchin. And I have congratulated everyone on February, 23rd. Irebjata me have pleased: have presented flowers, mjagkieigrushki which I so love, suvenirchiki... Vsepozdravili, except you!
- what for to you of a toy? Only a dust to collect, - Sasha has responded. - Nonsenses all it!
- matter is not in a gift, it was necessary to give simply mnevnimanie. The woman without it in any way mozhetobojtis. For that you have not made it, I tebjanikogda will not excuse.
- Sasha, and you with 8 Martha on a broader scale anybody nepozdravil?
- Well why has not congratulated! All svoimzhenshchinam something yes has presented: to mum, a daughter, the cousin, the wife of the brother.
- here, see, - has told Vick. - everything, except me.
- all of you time underline that you not pair. But at each of you, probably, is ljubimyjchelovek?
- We are married on the work. Except it, time has more on what does not remain.
- I with you do not agree. To one another it is absolute nemeshaet. Darling at me is, but while I nezamuzhem.
- Here see, we with Vikoj in what we can not converge. Perhaps it I such abnormal? Incorrectly I live?