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Fear before illnesses as estestven, as a self-preservation instinct STICK. But there are some categories of people which are afraid to fall ill in panic, give in to the first chihom - and... Draw to itself sores.

the Panic - the best girl-friend of infections

Autumn, perhaps, heaviest time for is disturbing - hypochondriac people. Banal seasonal colds call them a panic. Simple symptoms are inflated to almost deadly: if chih - so same a bird flu, cough - a leah instead of a tuberculosis? The temperature under 38 - for certain, a pneumonia

Is the irresolute people often testing causeless alarm. Including for the health... Besides disturbing citizens are inclined to frustration vegetatiki. Owing to auto-suggestion it is disturbing - hypochondriac people really transfer even prostudnye infections more hard, recover longer.

with such features of the person during illness it is quite good to People to add treatment by the auxiliary therapy normalising vegetatiku: for the night - sedatives (pustyrnik with valerianoj on 25 drops or 30 drops novopassita, or a broth half-glass zveroboja), in the morning - stimulators (for example, dogrose broth, ginseng tincture, Chinese limonnik plus green tea in tablets).

Sores cling to the one who does not believe doctors

Other category of to whom and stick hvori, it Thomas non-believers from medicine. They do not trust doctors, are assured that to all of them time something keep back, appoint not those analyses and etc. As a rule, they are suspicious persons with paranoicheskimi character traits. They from those who is assured: all illnesses from slags, a malefice and radiation. They - the basic consumers okolomeditsinskoj literatures and visitors of every possible sorcerers and healers .

But in a pursuit of disposal of imaginary illnesses they it is frequent to the last do not pay attention to real symptoms. Or lead up a bronchitis to a pneumonia, refusing to drink the appointed course harmful antibiotics, preferring useful cleaning of intestines from slags. To struggle for their health it is possible only force of belief and assurances that personally such treatment has helped you.

hypochondriacs - a grief from medicines

On a broader scale the morbid depression is a version of the persistence, which in itself can become serious disease (mental). Quite often hypochondriacs lead up themselves to such status that cannot leave the house therefore as around microbes and viruses, and transform the house into decently equipped drugstore.

and in the beginning of the open-cast mines Hypochondriacs, as a rule, physically are not sick of anything (on morbid depression development different factors - for children`s fears to internal psychological mechanisms) influence. A problem of hypochondriacs not only in the raised suspiciousness, but also that they incessantly self-medicate, tons advertised means and BUDS swallow. As a result quite often become victims of a medicinal allergy, a dysbacteriosis and decrease in immunity against abusing medicines.

how not to program itself on illness?

1. Pay attention only to real symptoms. Do not decide the superfluous.

2. Constant thoughts on illnesses - the sign of that at you is too much free time. Distribute affairs so that does not remain places for such nonsenses.

3. Quite often dumki about illnesses go from sensation of own uselessness, loneliness and subconscious desire to draw to itself attention. It is treated by eternal means - care of others.

4. Do not transfer on itself illness of others. If to think supposedly at the neighbour the throat was ill, and then he has died of a throat cancer, any situation it is possible to play to the point of irrationality.

5. Read only the qualitative popular literature on medical subjects (for example, - Health ). Be not loaded by medical directories. Without medical education all of you equally not can to estimate and apply the information containing there adequately.

6. In time pass planned inspections. So you will be assured that any illnesses will be are caught at early stages also are destroyed.

Elena IONOVA and the professor of psychiatry Michael VINOGRADOV have prepared.