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The valley has taken away from Oskol photos of local icons

Larissa Dolina has arrived to Stary Oskol dljaobkatki the album Thaw . Dobiralaspevitsa by comfortable bus, in Oskol ejzabronirovali number a suite for 1600 roubles a day. Vgrimerku Larissa Aleksandrovna has asked lishmineralku without gas and a set of fruit - here and vsezvezdnye claims.
tickets for the Valley have managed starooskoltsam from 700 1200 roubles for a piece, and in a hall almost bylosvobodnyh places. Before the concert beginning zritelejdvazhdy have warned what to remove LarisuAleksandrovnu neither on a photo, nor on video nerazreshaetsja. To observe of execution requests have put two impressive kinds of security guards. Spectators of a mansion have sighed and began from grehapodalshe to hide the mobile phones.
Larissa Aleksandrovna has started to sing exactly in seven, as well as appeared in the poster. During a concert onashest time changed dresses: low-necked black, white with pearls, red with a wide belt... Azeleno - golden in which Larissa in ocherednojraz has appeared on a scene, has called a storm zhenskihvostorgov! In the majority of toilets artistkiprisutstvovala the truncated short skirt, kotorajasmotrelas on it it is simply faultless.

the National actress believes in wonderful healing with the help oskolskih relics.

the First song which has sounded from a platform, bylaposvjashchena to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Odessa and Baku. The singer admitted that these cities for it bezumnodorogi and are favourite. The new song the Ring kotorujuspetsialno for the Valley Andrey Sapunov, the leader of group " has composed; Anastasis the singer ispolnilasidja before spectators on banketke. Liricheskajaballada has switched spectators on sentimentalnyjlad, ladies balzakovskogo age of a steel ukradkojvytirat tears.
during a concert the Valley have presented neskolkobuketov. With yellow chrysanthemums she tried nerasstavatsja. Right after performances pevitsazakrylas in a make-up room, otshiv newsdealers izhazhdushchih to receive the autograph. Only later polchasaona has allowed to enter to several journalists, nosemku and has not resolved. Security guards on dverjahshushukalis: Valley supposedly today not in mood?
during interview the singer, having noticed that it vsegdapoet only alive, has totally carried fanershchikov . According to Larissa Aleksandrovny, singing under a soundtrack - proizvodstvennajaneobhodimost for who does not have voice. Speaking odzhaze, the Valley has declared what to listen to it sejchasnekomu, unless to fans. Though a jazz nabiraetsereznye turns. And at a concert in Oskol, kakskazala Larissa, the jazz did not sound because it neljubit to do of the performances vinaigrette ilisoljanku.
We have taken an interest at the Valley, ljubimitsyprezidenta what of its songs is pleasant to Putinubolshe of all?
- Vladimir Vladimirovich to me did not admit it, though it really likes that I sing. Ipotom how it is possible to allocate any one song? I, for example, like Tina Turner creativity, RejaCharlza, and I cannot name the best any odnuih a song. Because I love executors.
- Speak, you the believing person, peredkontsertom are baptised. Now fast, and at vaspoezdki, loadings big. How it is possible sohranjatrabochy a tone?
- Unfortunately, this time I do not fast. prostomalo I eat, practically one fruit. I grow old bolshedvigatsja on a scene. Helps last experience, japrivykla so to live. Of concerts I am not tired, I ustajuot days off. If drops out two - three successively, mnedelaetsja it is melancholy and boring. Simply, except singing, janichego I am not able in this life.

- In last arrival to Stary Oskol vyuznali about local wonder-working icons and ochenzainteresovalis. One of them was displayed nastekle. Another changes colour literally in the face of. You believe in these miracles?
- Yes, up to the end. Those people to whom I trust, told to me such things in which I not mogune to believe. I think that miracles with icons, vsjakiechudesnye healings actually occur.
here the correspondent also has presented LariseAleksandrovne of a photo of those icons. Pevitsapoblagodarila, having told that is obligatory pokazhetih to the friends and the husband. About drugihneozhidannyh gifts she has responded to a question that they in eezhizni practically were not:
- On a broader scale the most original gift which japoluchila recently, is a yacht, it podarilmne the husband. We on it go where - nibud regularly.
- speak, you like to cook in etihputeshestvijah?
- Just on the yacht we cook nothing. It at nasprogulochnaja, not the ocean. On it mozhnoproguljatsja, say, across Volga. However, on etonuzhna the whole heap of permissions. The place of willows to Moscow, on the Istrinsky water basin suffices us. The tambolshoe space and perfectly is pecked by fish. Eslivypadaet the day off, we sit down in ours a boat izhivem on it, we can far get, brositjakor and even to stay the night. To sleep in the open air, rocking on water, - it is a pleasure, chetyrechasa - and you absolutely fresh. It is remarkable!
after interview Larissa Aleksandrovna otpravilasv hostel. There it was waited by a three-room suite sogromnoj a bathroom, conditioners and gentle, samymdorogim bed-clothes. Supper in number narodnajaartistka did not reserve.