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The schoolgirl who has killed the brother, Inspectors will not punish

have decided that the girl prostozashchishchalas

the Tragedy which has happened in Liskah in kreshchenskujunoch, has stirred up all Chernozem region (“ “ pisalao it on January, 23rd) . 14 - summer Masha Maslova*zarezala of the big brother - 17 - letnegoviktora. The children`s hand has put to the young man three udaranozhom, one of them has punched heart. But wildness bylane in the fact of murder. And in that, chtomnogochislennaja relatives after death of Vitivzdohnula with simplification: at last - that Masha and eemama Irina Vladimirovna can live easy. After all last three years have passed for them vpostojannom fear before Victor: they terpeliego drunkenness, a beating and threats to abuse nadmladshej the sister... In fatal night all has begun stogo that Maslov who has not sobered up yet staltrebovat at mother money for a new bottle - ibit. But household dramatic nature of history not osvobozhdalmariju from responsibility. The criminal. After all to it uzheest 14, and under article “ the Premeditated murder “ devochkamogla to receive from four till ten years of prison.
... Our readers were not divided at all on dvalagerja as it usually happens. All have risen nastoronu the child. A site “ zapestrelotklikami: “ Freedom to Masha! “ “ the girl it is necessary spasatot prisons “ “ a leah Believes militia in justice? “ It has appeared, believes. On Monday minulo dvamesjatsa as the investigation upon ubijstvaviktora Maslov was began. Term, after which nadoreshat: to prolong it, to close business iliperedavat in court. Masha`s destiny has dared even napjat days earlier.
- Business has been stopped. Actions of the girl priznalineobhodimoj defence, and any punishment onane will incur, - has summed up zamestitelliskinskogo interdistrict public prosecutor AleksejGaVrIlOv.
- On interrogations neither it, nor mother especially did not drag. Only once brought to Voronezh naosvidetelstvovanie where recognised psihicheskizdorovoj, - its uncle Nikolay Semenov speaks. - Mynadejalis on the best, but all - taki perezhivaliochen... And now - a stone from heart.
Irina Vladimirovna works, Masha goes to school. In the evenings together do in the house repair. Vobnovlennyh rooms plan the novujuzhizn...

*Θμενΰ and surnames are changed.