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Tatyana poljakova: Dontsovoj and to Akunin I do not envy!

in last days off popular pisatelnitsaposetila Voronezh

Known detektivshchitsa has met svoronezhskimi readers in “ the Book world of a family “. Also has pleasantly amazed us with that okazalasobajatelnejshej the lady with shaking chuvstvomjumora.
- Tatyana Viktorovna, all write on - to a miscellaneous. How you?
- It is possible Tatyana or Tanja, bezviktorovny is simple. A writing of books - nastolkouvlekatelnyj process that that month while I write, jadlja societies the person lost. Zasasyvaetslovno a drug. The first years scribbled on vosemknig in a year - it would not be desirable even to rise from - zastola. Has got fat kgs on ten. potomponjala that it is necessary to alternate work and rest, to react on associates. Now I write on chetyreknigi in a year. Never I will get down to work, while at menjanet an accurate picture. The most tiresome for me - to find a draught copy. After the eighth razanavorachivaetsja a nausea, all is not pleasant to me … Then I postpone for a week, that potompodchistit already nezamylennym a sight.
- it is heavy to think out?
- At me other problem - it is difficult to choose izpjati - six plots turning in a head. I leave on then, but, as a rule, to sledujushchemumomentu arises still heels of ideas.
- there are at you any traditions or superstitions?
- Certainly. I write only gelevoj the handle, it is obligatory with a dark blue core, in writing-books on 96λθρςξβ. My draught copies look awfully: potoksoznanija, I am afraid to lose thought - strochusploshnjakom, without inverted commas, spelling. On odnojstranitse I write, on the second - I correct, red, postaroj to a teacher`s habit. Then the assistant, ingeniously understanding my scribble, nabivaettekst. Never I start to write in target - a sin, and on Monday is for me sacred day, I have a rest from vanity of days off.

“ Between us there is no competition “

- Dontsova and Akunin in a rating most bogatyhljudej the countries, to you not enviably?
- Ha - ha - ha! Envy does not torment me, therefore chtoja to anybody itself I do not compare. Same it is ridiculous: vsegdabudet someone is more beautiful, cleverer, more successful, younger, akto - that on a broader scale will manage to be born anglijskojkorolevoj. zamuchaeshsja to all to envy. And kogdazhit - that? It those who has nothing to occupy suffer affliction.
- from competitors of whom read?
- From ours detektivshchikov at me is not present ljubimyhavtorov. If in due time has found such, can, would sit down on it and has not started to write itself. Though jauvazhaju to Dashkov, it very talented writer. But there, where at it the book comes to an end, at menjatolko interest begins. My favourite authors vzhanre a detective - Americans of Hemmett, Chandler. Umenja the same manner - a dynamical action: multiverbs and there are not enough descriptions. And about konkurentsiigovorit it is ridiculous. Us all the person five in the country, and all of us very different. And one Poljakova chetyrmjaknigami in a year not to keep in a status vnimanieljubitelej detectives. It is necessary postojannopodpityvat this genre novelties. Therefore we drugdrugu help, that not oslab interest. We vseochen warmly communicate among themselves.
- does not offend, what you carry to bulvarnomuchtivu?
- Me to spit, a leah will put me a monument poslesmerti and a leah about it there will be pioneers. janaslazhdajus that I do. The literature not objazanabyt filosofichnoj, it simply part of art. If you like philosophy - please, chitajteshopengauera. But in the majority, it seems to me, people simply play the hypocrite, asserting that they vyshebulvarnogo reading matters. To show a clever face ipustit a dust in eyes. A pier, they shtudirujutdostoevskogo. And at from chemodanovvyvalivajutsja, sorry, Marinin and Poljakova. I samaochen love Dostoevsky and even son Rodionomnazvala. But you present, what at you with a head if you till forty eight years already in pjatnadtsatyjraz re-read Tolstoy? And suddenly for it vremjanapisali still something interesting, and you so about it ine have learnt.
- idea of your novel “ the Lamb in the wolf skin “ the French writer Granzhe has borrowed. Why did not begin to have legal proceedings with plagiatchikom?
- Has solved, silly to waste time and nerves nabesperspektivnoe business. To have legal proceedings on territoriifrantsii - unequivocally to lose. They after all dazhenashih do not give children to mothers (at actress ElenySafonovoj have seized the child in polzufrantsuzskogo the husband. - Red. ). As govorilaekaterina: if steal, means, is that! The main thing, I have warned the audience, what not I, and at menjaukrali. It is easily proved by date of an appearance of the books - mine “ the Lamb “ left for three years earlier, than “ Empire of wolves “ Granzhe.
- Now yours “ the Law of seven “ Compare with “ Kodomda Vinci “.
- two years prior to an exit “ the Code … “ javypustila “ angel of new generation “ where already bylipodobnye it is religious - historical motives. Mojakniga had no world reaction, because nebylo such powerful public relations. And now everything, chtonapisano in a similar genre, involuntarily compare with “ the Code … “.

the Plate with a kind of opera theatre has filled up a collection of the well-known writer.

“ the Son laughs at my books “

- Spetsliteraturu study, that nesrezatsja on trifles?
- the Manuscript “ the Law of seven “ I carried in our museum that have corrected where I have behaved oddly from a point zrenijaistoricheskih nuances. But on a broader scale - is not present, I lazy. Ktomu such subtleties on bolshomuschetu do not stir readers. To the woman all the same, kakajazhelezjaka in a hand - Makarov or a TT. A pistol, and all. Avrachi will laugh all the same, even esliskalpel it is enclosed in that hand. At me the son starshijsledovatel Offices of Public Prosecutor in Peter. A serial “ Tajnysledstvija “ I very much love, and he over it laughed loudly - many mistakes, nerealnostej. By the way, Rodion procheltolko the first my book “ Miracle in fluffy feathers “ in 17 years and cheerfully giggled - a leah I can pisatsereznye things? He on a broader scale does not read detectives, ateper and work in Office of Public Prosecutor does not contribute.
- and the husband reads your books?
- Alexander my big fan, vsegdagovorit to me that I the best detektivshchik all time of the people. It the person very serious, not umeetvrat so I believe it.
- what you in life?
- Kind, beautiful, clever. Ha - ha - ha! Who - toskazal - always speak about itself well, istochniksluha it will be forgotten, and the hearing remains! Therefore about sebeljubimoj - only good. On a broader scale I the extravagant woman, dengiu me are not late. But I on it povodunikogda do not worry. The husband says that I neponimaju that money means. It tried stavitogranichenija on my cards, but it is useless. Often I suffice all successively, and then all it nenuzhnoekomu - that I give away. I like to be spent for hobbies - I buy Easter eggs, figures of cats iangelov, plates from every corner of the globe - from them on dacheskoro the wall will fail. I adore jewels, I do not like though to carry, I hope, the daughter - in-law and vnukamprigoditsja. And more a foolish habit - pokupatknigi, though at me already huge library. Takchto we live from the fee to the fee.
- that with new books?
- In March leaves “ All points over “ i “. Sejchasrabotaju over 53 - j, it will have something in common with “ the Law of seven “ action occurs in the three-historical periods. I want to write avantjurnyjroman about Che Gevaro. Now I read about it much, it is necessary to visit Argentina and Cuba still.
- as to you Voronezh?
- I and quite often entered it earlier in svoiknigi, for example, in the novel “ the Shade of a dragonfly “ some characters from Voronezh. Very much mneponravilas excursion on a city - theatres, cathedrals, monuments, very beautiful quay. At you japrismotrela in the collection a plate with vidomopernogo theatre and three pictures with a townscape.