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Mouth of babies

every Thursday prints touching and ridiculous stories about your children, their amusing statements, jokes and photos.
your kid has said the words first in the life and something has told such that you precisely did not expect? Or you simply want to tell, how strongly love the kid? Then send us stories about children, and you necessarily will read them in our newspaper!

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the Leader of a heading Olga JANCHENKOVA.
Svetlana`s DRUZHININOJ Photo.

LJANA, 9 years

are Told by mum Lilja:
very much I love your heading the Mouth of babies . Now here and most it wanted to share several ridiculous reasonings of my daughter. I hope, they will amuse readers of our favourite newspaper .

this year we had a rest on the sea. When walked on quay, have suddenly lost track of Ljanu. It has appeared, she has seen something interesting and has a little lagged behind. When, at last, Ljana has caught up with us, we with the husband have asked it:
- Ljana, you where were?
on what the daughter with a clever kind has responded:
- Where I was? Beer a saw.

one fine day comes back from school and resolutely declares: - Mum, the father, I marry.
We have exchanged glances, have asked:
- And for whom you in marriage leave?
- For the boy who with me studies.
- and why for it?
- Because he on one five studies.

JASHA, 6, 5 years

are Told by mum Anja:
My son Jasha amuses often all ours seven any statements. A little from them I with pleasure tell to you .

As - that have gone on the sea. JAsha was on it for the first time. When it was bought, left water and has asked me:
- Mum, what for uncles who built the sea, have salted water?

once Jasha comes from street and something chews. I ask:
- the Sonny, what at you in a mouth?
- a cud.
- where you it took?
- in the street has picked up.
- spit out now. It after all the dirty!
- mum! Why the dirty? I have washed it!


Writes mum Elena:
With pleasure I want to share with you statements of the son. Now it already adult and when was small, amused us often the reasonings .

- Mum, give we will exchange books!
- now.
- You not sechakaj, and allow to change!

watches a foreign film. There is caption, the announcer says surnames of actors.
Slavik is surprised:
- Why at them such surnames - they people?

4 years:
- At me one eye sees!
- and another?
- and another together with it looks!

4 years 2 months:
Glory have late taken away from a garden. It laments:
- Mum, you why so long did not come? Look, what night useless!


Dear rostovchane!
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