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Help to find the child!

18. 02. 07 the boy Alesha of Geldings has left the house in Lipetsk and nevernulsja.
parents have restored Events of that day in pamjatipominutno: in 15. 00 mum has translated Aleshu through doroguk to the grandmother living in the next street.
the boy, holding on a lead the ljubimujusobaku with Betti. To the grandmother it needed to pass 100ģåņšīā.
Soon to parents has called vzvolnovannajababushka and has told that with the grandson they and nevstretilis.
there are witnesses who saw the boy vposelke Syrsky (on distance about 3 km from egodoma) nearby 18. 00 18. 02. 07, going uverennojpohodkoj in a direction to road, where nahoditsjaavtobusnaja a stop. Behind it there was its dog bezoshejnika and a lead. This road is vyezdomiz cities of Lipetsk, to line Ģ4 otpredpolagaemogo places of an exit of the boy on doroguokolo 60 km.
after 18. 00 18. 02. 07 Aleshu did not see (there were witnesses who said that saw the boy, but on 100ļšīöåķņīā do not dare to confirm).
the Dog have found in settlement Syrsky on rasstojaniiokolo 100 m from a place, where last time videlialeshu.
That has occurred further, remains tolkodogadyvatsja.
the Militia searches for the boy a month, in searches bylizadejstvovany military men of Lipetskogogarnizona, district from above examined svertoleta but while there are no results.
orientations are dispatched in the Department of Internal Affairs on gorodamchernozemja and Russia. The search circle has extended dosubektov the Russian Federation. In given momenton can be in any city.
the boy never left earlier the house, in shkoleuchilsja it is good, in mathematical olimpiadahzanimal the first places.
parents are converted to people behind the help: “ pomogitenajti the CHILD! “

GELDINGS Alexey Valerevich, šīäčėń’07. 04. 1997 9 years, growth of 130 sm, a thin constitution. Hair light, eyes blue. Has been dressed: In chernujuvjazanuju a cap with claret inscription ROK, bolonevujukurtku turquoise colour with dark blue inserts isvetootrazhatelnoj a strip in front, speredivnizu inscription PACIFIC BLUE, bolonevye black trousers, black winter boots on laces.

At a meeting the request urgently to call sweated.: 8 - 905 - 179 - 95 - 18, (8 - 4742) 45 - 83 - 98 (Lipetsk), 02

COMPENSATION is guaranteed!