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The former inhabitant Houses - 2 starts the teleproject

the Reality - show Love cubed will remove in StaromOskole

This project eks - the member of household Andrey Chuevzadumal for a long time (wrote about it on November, 29th, 2006, In Old Oskolehotjat to create the Antihouse - 2 ) . And here one of these days onsnjal in a native city the big office with garage. Has delivered furniture and which - that from office technics. On - bralkomandu which will help it. In it eshcheodin the former participant of telebuilding, fellow countryman AndrejaIvan the Storm. Friends have already let out cards, tetradii calendar cards with a show logo Love cubed atakzhe pictures from the future programs.
- this project is conceived as fantastic, romanistichesky a reality - a serial, - rasskazyvaetandrej. - the Main emphasis - on humour without poshljatiny igruboj a sensuality. Soon in Oskol will pass a casting nashou, but date while is unknown. Now to me nuzhnookonchatelno to collect the creative command. In neemozhet to enter everybody, and from all country. For example, we already have a girl from Kursk, parniiz Moscow and even Budapest.
- on what channel will stage thy show?
- I carry on negotiations with management TNT. At nihsejchas the morning aether is free.
- will Remove only in Oskol?
- Yes. After all here all scenery. Money for show janashel, the sponsor - from capital. It works in sfererazvlecheny and tourism.
- and in what the project consists?
- All secrets while I can not open... Noskazhu that I, the leader, will think out dljauchastnikov various tests - intellectual and power competitions. prohodjacherez these barriers, they will be parallelnostroit love. Gradually some budutotseivatsja. For winners wait solid denezhnyeprizy.
- you are going to call to the aid were members of household ?
- it is possible. Would invite Maja Abrikosova, only I do not know, where it. Some months not moguemu to phone. Has Perhaps taken offence at me. By the way, at us with a management Houses - 2 excellent relations. Now to me suggest to come there on a visit. Menjazhdut friends: Ruslan Proskurov, Alenka Vodichka, Anja Buzova. With pleasure posotrudnichal sksjuhoj Sobchak. It is not excluded that it when - nibudpriedet to Oskol.
by the way, about May. When we in last razvstrechalis, he said that to it predlagajutrabotu in bank. Only at it is not present ekonomicheskogoobrazovanija. Simply people believe in its ability. After Houses - 2 it consider talented. It turns out, bankers look this show! Probably, now it already works where - that in financial sphere.
- the project was long postponed. Where you were vseeto time?
- In the end of the last year went to Budapest, acted in film in transfer Money for a wire . As razv that moment when there has begun politicheskajazavarushka. Saw all the eyes: I lived vpjatistah metres from the basic events. Tamprohodili marches and demonstrations at zdanijapravitelstva, people demanded resignation kabinetaministrov. And the most active policemen netrogali. At us such would not pass. Then japorabotal in transfer Time of Udach on TNT. And eshcheezdil to Lithuania, then to Thailand. I there mototsiklistasbil! Leaving from tuku - tuka (they so taxi name), I have opened a door - it on it and have flown. But myrazoshlis peacefully - I have paid to it 500 batov is ihdengi, approximately 450 roubles. On a broader scale, Russian dljatajtsa is an embodiment of generosity, we litter tamdengami to the right and on the left. And the girl there mozhnonajti for copecks. Twenty dollars - and it tvojana all the day long. But me it does not interest. At menjaest love, on - to the present cubed. Her name is Lera.