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The Oryol teacher seduced schoolgirls

Ivan Kapikov (the name and a surname are changed vinteresah consequences) worked in one izinternatov the Oryol area. Has arrived there izkalugi in 2005. Has shown to the director documents, ita at once it took: the experience under the work record card - 35 years, and in areas always does not suffice teachers. Ivanasrazu have appointed the teacher on vospitatelnojrabote in 5 - 8 classes.
recently Kapikova have dismissed from a boarding school for pjanku. But it was arranged at once in other school uchitelemmatematiki. Has fulfilled there no more month - egozaderzhali FSBshniki. They watched for a long time it - suspected of swindle.
as has proved to be true. The diploma and labour knizhkakapikova have appeared lime.
- I had to forge them... But I on samomdele have pedagogical education and the experience! - the arrested person justified. - it is simple in vremjaobyska in Kaluga the present documents were gone.
what for faultless teachers searched vkaluge? The matter is that there him accused in drugomprestuplenii - corruption juvenile. Ivanpodbiral children - vagabonds, resulted home, fed - gave to drink, and as a payment for residing demanded... We will tell so, love. Its fault have proved, and onneskolko years has stayed in prison. Then ipodalsja on Orlovshchinu.
Field investigators began to check, a leah has returned onna a new place to old employment. Has appeared, has returned. And made it with the zheuchenitsami. Here some, the most innocent pranks : it showed to pupils svoifotografii bared, forced to look, how he takes a shower... Important veshchdok: in rukioperativnikov the picture, where Ivan`s hand lezhitna chests of the girl has got.
with schoolgirls it paid off gifts idengami. The majority of pupils of a boarding school - orphans and to complain to them there was nobody.
- we have serious proofs vinykapikova. But there were doubts in it psihicheskomzdorove, - inspector OVD to the Oryol area Vladislav BYKOVSKY has told . - Samon considers itself absolutely made. Speaks, sdevochkami simply was on friendly terms, tried to help advice, and they not so have understood it. Agrees only sobvineniem in forging of documents.
the day before yesterday former teacher have sent to Kaluga napsihiatricheskuju examination. If doctors not najdutu Ivan of deviations, to it threatens till five years of prison.