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The Kursk driver has to death brought down two militiamen

the Eyewitness is assured: at the wheel sat sledovatelprokuratury

At major Nedbaeva there were three children, ustarshego lieutenant Artjushkova - the pregnant wife.
... This road accident happens last week. Nopodrobnosti failures on road Rylsk - Korenevostali are known just now. Regional Office of Public Prosecutor which carries on an investigation, till now reluctantly eekommentiruet.
In the first to o`clock in the morning Sergey Nedbaev and DmitrijArtjushkov have stopped for check dokumentovkamaz with Bryansk numbers. Sergey - starshijoperupolnomochennyj criminal rozyskarylskogo department of internal affairs, Dmitry - the divisional.

Dmitry Artjushkova have taken to hospital, but could not rescue.

- Artjushkova in hands had a shone staff, obamilitsionera in shape. Nearby stood sluzhebnyjavtomobil with included dimensional fires. Vsalone light burnt. So to see militsionerovmozhno was from apart, - have told the lost militiamen on regional department.
Dmitry and Sergey stood near to KamAZom. In etovremja ten taken off on a counter strip, has in full operation brought down both militiamen. artjushkova legkovushka has dragged nearby sotnimetrov. 32 - summer Nedbaev has died on the spot, and 22 - letnegouchastkovogo have taken away on Fast . But through pjatchasov Dmitry has died in hospital...
the driver Frets and its companion at once otvezlina medical examination. Took blood on alcohol, zatemdostavili in regional department.
the main witness of incident - kollegapogibshih. He sat in official car salon ivse saw. The militiaman has learnt the driver tens . Iuveren: it was the inspector prokuraturykorenevskogo area.
a consequence at once have passed in oblastnujuprokuraturu.
- Criminal case is raised upon failure. Charge is shown nobody, - has told the chief of department on osobovazhnym to affairs of Office of Public Prosecutor of Kursk area IvanKRETOV. - We know that in saloneavtomobilja there were two. One of them dejstvitelnosotrudnik Offices of Public Prosecutor, it - the owner tens . But while accusation is not brought to it. We while eshchene know, who took the helm - it or its companion.
in the end of the past week Sergey Nedbaeva idmitrija Artjushkova have buried in Rylske.