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“ Live “ removed under prismotromljuka Besson

On a plot of a new film “ Live “ which starts in Rostov this week, the young guy the Cyrus comes back to normal life after wound in the Chechen Republic. Its houses wait mum and the girl, for the sake of wedding with which it and has gone to minister under the contract. However life on the citizen is far from justice ideals - larceny, treachery … the Cyrus understands that has got confused. And during this moment in his life there are phantoms of two fighting companions which follow it on heels. From this point on strange travel of the guy and two soldiers - phantoms which children drunk and musicians are capable to see only also begins. Their three-day adventures are original searches of rest which come to an end with an appropriation of present freedom. The director meaningly avoided an action - scenes: this cinema not about shooters and pursuits, and how the protagonist rescues the soul. Characters - usual people in unusual circumstances, children from the next court yard.

founders underline that “ Live “ is a noncommercial cinema for the adult people, reflecting protest moods concerning the Chechen conflict. And also assume that the film can seem not politically correct, and still name its patriotic. It is a picture about man`s friendship, about true love. At “ Live “ even there is no strict genre is not the insurgent and not a thriller. Besides, the premiere is interesting also to that on a set there were two brothers - actor Chadovy. Andrey plays the protagonist of the Cyrus, Alexey - the priest. Shootings passed generally in Lipetsk and Eltse. And only the last half a year cinema-men worked in capital, shooting, in particular, scenes with group “ the Spleen “. Has not managed and without funny things. In a film there is an episode where the Cyrus accompanied by phantoms visits Red Square. When Maxim Lagashkin and Vladimir Epifantsev (“ phantoms “) Left on a country main square in a camouflage with automatic machines napereves, them nearly have not arrested. It has appeared that actors did not have a corresponding permission. In general, with militia cinema-men long sorted out relations, explaining that any they not terrorists and shoot film. The most amusing that during the same time on Red Square the well-known film director the Hatch Besson with protection walked. So Russian cinema-men had an insuperable desire to be converted to it behind the help. However, the conflict has been settled without participation of the Frenchman.

it is told!

the executor of a role of the Cyrus Andrey Chadov:
- the Cyrus is a person whom I have got confused in myself … and then, and now very well it I understand. Fairly to tell, I cried, when the first time read the scenario. I was strongly touched with this subject. Because and the film has turned out very sensual.


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People, descend on “ the Perfumer “!

“ the Perfumer “ is something! A film very qualitative and impressing. And I, apparently, have fallen in love with the protagonist!

the profit-making films of Russia
(for uik - end from September, 7 till September, 10th)

1. “ the Nomad “
- 32,2 million roubles

2. “ the Transaction with a devil “ - 21,5 million roubles

3. “ My superwere “ - 17,5 million roubles

4. “ Adrenaline “ - 11,4 million roubles

5. “ Insatiable “ - 8 million roubles

6. “ Garfild - 2 “ - 5,4 million roubles

7. “ the House - the monster “ - 3 million roubles

8. “ the Supermacho “ - 2,7 million roubles

9. “ Pulse “ - 1,2 million roubles

10. “ Hottabych “ - 1,2 million roubles

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