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The boy - the poltergeist

In Arkhangelsk - an alarm: newspapers competing in speed describe a phenomenon the Kotlas poltergeist . The nine-year pupil 91 - j settlement schools Vychegodsky the Kotlas area Igor Nogovitsyn has arrived on vacation to the grandmother to settlement the Bird cherry. And in the house it began to be created what the hell: in itself buckets fall, stools, " turn over; flies a teapot different subjects also light up. We have decided to understand this devilry. And here that have learnt.

on the night of January, 10th in the house Anna Fedorovny Nogovitsynoj in settlement the Bird cherry had a fire. The firemen who have arrived at 11 o`clock observed, how the doormat burnt, - the flame burnt its part, persistently without covering it bodily. Fireman Dmitry Aleksandrov on duty in that evening tells:

- Burned with small sites: an oilcloth on a table, in a case, in kladovke, razveshannoe linen, the rolls of wall-paper which has remained after summer repair. One person not in a status simultaneously to set fire to all it. Once again abnormality of an event was confirmed with that at ourselves on themselves all four rings on a plate, zatlelo a dress behind on the mistress have flashed. She to us has told that this third dress which on it has ignited. Already all back in burns as if who burning stuck with a stick. And electroconducting, a flue, electric devices - all have checked up, that`s OK. We have not found and traces of combustible substances by which things could be impregnated.

the official reason of kindling firemen named an unknown extraneous source .

the Grandmother to a fire was converted to head poselkovoj administrations to Boris Bobylevu with the request to find the priest who from the house will expel evil spirit. At first Boris Nikolaevich has decided that the grandmother already talks nonsense from an old age. But then about the poltergeist mum and the aunt of the boy, and here also firemen have started talking! Bobylev has gone in bad The house itself.

- with Anna Fedorovnoj we live in one street. Igor - the strange child. I personally observed, how in his hands of a spoon from a stainless steel bent. Then a spoon the fire, adult man, could not unbend. The boy to me told: I in eyes and a head have red balls which jump out also all light .

Relatives tell and at all miracles: ostensibly they saw the red luminescence similar on laser, proceeding from child. It something flied on the house and broke up to small parts. And Igor about red balls tells for a long time already...

on January, 10th have called the priest from the Korjazhemsky temple. Here that the father Michael Ivorsky has informed us:

- For all my twenty years` practice it is the first such case. In the house I have not noticed anything unusual: well has lost in several places, an oilcloth, for example. But in the boy something strange: Huge pupils, from - for which colour of the eyes, the discharged expression is not clear. I consider that if and there is any anomaly, it in the boy. His mother told that when to Igor was 4 - 5 years, in the house there was a smoke screen and has filled all room in which there was a boy. I consider that the child very impressionable, it is influenced by computer games, horror films. On Sunday of 12 numbers we shrived him and prichastili in a temple. But, completely to expel evil ghosts from the boy, it is necessary to go to a monastery...

Igor have directed to the Kotlas city hospital. But doctors have soon released it home, and the conclusions keep a secret: the information on patients is not subject to distribution!

then the Kotlas journalists have come on a visit to Nogovitsynym. There already were tired of flow of visitors. We talk to Igor:

- you Can show the balls?

- They at strangers will not seem.

- And earlier you them saw? What they?

- Different. If green - all grows with a grass, dark blue - water will deluge, red - fire will burn, blue with a modulation - a wind will blow off. Can pull a current, still can set fire - if who offends me, - Igor responds.

conversation is entered by mum, the working woman of a local dining room:

- We were converted into hospital, but than they can help? Everywhere in newspapers ponapisali, on the TV have chattered away, barabashkoj have called. It is insulting. We even went to church, service have defended, took communion, but all uselessly. Now and to school we do not go, on street we are not shown.

from a stainless steel Igor breaks These spoons one movement...
- And at the grandmother why thy balls huliganili? - It is asked Igor.

- Mum swore, therefore they have jumped out, - he silently responds.

small malchonka with not children`s released sight reminds me the intimidated small animal. And its stories - a usual children`s invention about invisible defenders who will punish offenders. Here only why subjects fly by air, and the fabric lights up, while and is not clear...

It is games with pyrotechnics!

- All event can quite be a childish prank with fire, - the employee of regional Management of the state fire service Alexander SOKOLVJAK speaks. - After feasts children still had fireworks and petards, they assort them, and separate porohovinki set fire. Easily it is possible so podpalit both a doormat, and a sofa, and a dress on the grandmother without participation of supernatural forces! At us it is some similar cases of dangerous children`s overindulgence, and here we still never faced the poltergeist.


Igor MIRZALIS, the hunter behind ghosts the researcher of the abnormal phenomena with 30 - the summer experience:

- the Big doubts are called by that the poltergeist in this case is limited only to kindling. And at the present poltergeist, in - the first, things not giving in to burning - wet towels or a bread loaf from within burn. And in - the second, usually this anomaly proves mnogoprofilno : that water will begin to flow from the closed crane the furniture will move... In my practice of 90 % of cases of any self-ignitions are usual arsons children who want to play a trick on adults.

Mike DESH, the researcher psi - factors, the author of the book Secrets other-wordly :

- Most likely, it is draw. For example, the mysterious kindlings repeating in one house in the State of Alabama in 1959, were attributed first to the poltergeist, and have appeared tricks 9 - the summer boy, trying to force parents to return to a city which the family has left. However in many cases raises the doubts that children only seven - already understand ten years how it is necessary to behave to the poltergeist. Probably that this phenomenon - strong display of mentality. The LEAH

the president of Fund of parapsychology of Vasileva Andrey:

- the Reason of the poltergeist in most cases happens in discontent the friend the friend, collected in a family. Usually in such families there is a person, capable to accumulate this mental energy and unconsciously it to splash out.

Valentine FOMENKO, Cand.Tech.Sci.:

- I witnessed causeless fire even wet rags and thick mattresses, and me have amazed original safety precautions these anomalies: fire appears only in the presence of people who besides have at hand water.

from edition: we will watch events in this family and we will try to make the independent investigation about which we will tell in the nearest numbers.