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The Russian little girl has won a title “ Ms. Germany “ and heart of the main sponsor!

it was necessary to refuse a borsch

We have found to Alexander and her mother Tatyana in Germany. Sasha rents in Munich studio apartment, acts in film in advertising and plays small roles at theatre. Her mother, having retrained from the economist on the cosmetician, became the proprietress of prestigious beauty salon. Having heard by phone our congratulations in Russian, they very much were delighted and have willingly told about the life.

Alexander was born in Kiev. She is an only child in a family. When to it 10 years were executed, parents have moved to Germany. And in four years their marriage has broken up, and the father has returned to Kiev. Sasha has gone to German school.

- me it was very difficult. Other country, other style of life, - remembers it. - I have ended school successfully. I know four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German. But how to build adult life?

Tatyana dreamt, that the daughter has continued its business. And Alexander began to study in the largest firm on trade in cosmetics. Has then entered drama school in Stuttgart. But also here it was not pleasant to it. Secretly from mother it has gone to Munich and has sent the photos to one of the most prestigious modelling agencies. The Russian girl have noticed, and soon posters about its photo have appeared across all Germany. It advertised even services of stomatologic clinics - very much a charming smile at Sashi!

mother needed to help the daughter only. “ one is insulting, - Tatyana laughs. - Sasha likes to attempt well, especially it likes borsches and pelmeni which I so am tasty prepare. See in a photo what it was the fatty in the childhood! And now she should observe a figure.

to participate in competition “ Ms. Germany “ on a level with Germans, Alexander has accepted German citizenship. Also has won one after another some intermediate stages!

who for Germans of all is lovelier

Competition “ Ms. Germany “ has taken place in a disco “ Night arena “ cities of Bielefeld. The jury has made the decision not unanimously. The cosmetic surgeon from Berlin Jasar Sarigul has declared that Sasha is excessive polnovata. But, can, magnificent forms just and have involved in it sympathies of the others? By the way, among Alexander`s other prizes has received “ the coupon “ on service in clinic of plastic surgery for the sum of 10 thousand euro. But “ to correct a figure “ it does not gather.

- I want to increase... Eyes that they became more expressive. And all the rest at me is perfectly in order, - tells Alexander.

Besides, “ Ms. Germany - 2003 “ has received the contract on advertising at a rate of 20 thousand Euro and role of the second plan in the Hollywood film with the guaranteed fee in 8 thousand euro. And now it together with six finalists will go to have a rest to Maldive Islands. However, on this trip it will be not already lonely.

Alexander has opened to us the secret. It has won not only a crown, but also love of the main sponsor of action - 32 - summer Frank Bendiksa.

Lovely pervoklashka Sashenka...
- We communicated and before competition, talked, exchanged SMS - cīīįłåķč’ģč, as well as with other pretenders, but it was purely business dialogue, - Frank has told. All has occurred later...

Alexander any more does not want to hide the feelings.

- after competition we have left to Cologne. In my number all also happens. We long communicated, and when have looked at hours there were already 3 o`clock in the morning. At this time to remove a hotel accommodation it is impossible, and Frank remained with me till the morning.

now she tries not to leave the favourite. However, ahead at it still it is a lot of tests - Alexander prepares for competition “ Miss Universe “. And before in February they with mum gather to Kiev.

- very much we miss Kiev. And what there little girls - lovely sight! We with Aleksandroj adore to walk on streets of Kiev and to look, who as is dressed. Here in Germany all put on simply and sadly - jeans, a sweater, - mum tells.

well, we will wish Alexander of good luck!

from äīńüå“:

In 1997 in Italy at a beauty contest “ Ms. the Dignity - Remo “ Russian Elena Malinova has defeated. But, alas, a crown to it to carry and it was not possible. The matter is that in the conditions of this competition there is one point: the Italian can put on a crown only.

and also Russians were the first:

In 1992 18 - summer Julia Kurochkin has won a title “ Ms. of the World “.

In 1997 Ruslana Babak became the first at competition “ Ms. of the Incorporated Nations “.

In June, 1999 Elena Rogozhina has defeated at competition “ Ms. Europe “.

In 2002 24 - summer Russian Oksana Fedorova became the winner of competition “ Miss Universe - 2002 “. And in December of the same year Svetlana Koroleva has won first place in competition “ Ms. Europe “.

On polls of readers of the British magazine for men FHM, the most sexual woman of the world our tennis-player Anja Kurnikova is recognised.