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Hepatitis: without a panic!

recently some doctors and even politicians declare that present a XXI-st century plague there is at all a HIV, and a hepatitis virus. Us strashchajut incurability of hepatitises In and With and that in Russia already epidemic. Give together with experts we will try to understand how the situation actually is and that we need to know about virus hepatitises.

about artful viruses tells managing branch gepatologii Clinics of propaedeutics of internal illnesses, gastroenterologies and gepatologii of V.H.Vasilenko MMA of Setchenov to. M. n. Marina Maevsky.

the Virus And - illness of dirty hands

the Hepatitis And - most harmless of family of virus hepatitises.

this illness is passed through excrements of the person, the dirty hands, the polluted subjects. Victims chooses doshkoljat or junior school pupils is more often. As a rule, comes to an end with an absolute recovery.

In practice gepatologov yet there was no case that the hepatitis And has passed in the chronic form. More often patients after such hepatitis badly transfer fat food, abhor products which considered as delicacies earlier. This eating depression - result of that normal work zhelchevyvodjashchih ways is for a while broken. The liver passes in the meantime process of rehabilitation and is completely restored.

a virus In - the most spiteful and prickly

Mutual relations this virus with an organism completely depend on your immunity. In 95 % of cases the sharp period of a hepatitis In comes to an end with an absolute recovery. At the others passes in the chronic form and behaves on - to a miscellaneous. At the person with the weakened immune system a virus, taking a short time - a miss, will soon continue work: slowly but surely destroying liver cages, will lead to a cirrhosis and a primary cancer of a liver - kartsinome. And at others a virus Will run into hibernation and long will not remind of itself. Such person name a virus carrier. It can live quite peacefully till an old age. However, it is necessary to do blood analyses regularly. The sharp virus hepatitis In does not demand special protivovirusnoj therapy. Competent gepatolog in the first half a year in a literal sense will assign illness to immune system of the patient. But do not relax: this virus active, hardy and kusachy, is passed through blood and a sexual way.

a virus With - the most obstinate and hardy

the Complete antithesis to V.Samostojatelno`s virus to finish with it the saboteur under force only 15 % caught.

mass-media have inspired to the inhabitant that this diagnosis is similar to the death sentence and AIDS and a cancer is more terrible than it only. A pier, unique difference from these dreadful diseases at a hepatitis only that die of it more slowly. sentenced Patients become voluntary derelicts in the family. Actually the chronic form of a hepatitis With proceeds on - to a miscellaneous (about it tell at free schools for sick of a hepatitis). A cirrhosis and a liver cancer develop approximately at 20 % sick of the active form of a hepatitis. These patients need to be treated actively. The situation is very possible that, having lived all life with a virus of a hepatitis With, you will die (it all, alas, not to avoid) absolutely from another.

nevertheless you need to visit regularly the doctor to watch a clinical course.

than the virus carrier differs from the patient?

At a virus In in blood of the person find only one of its antigenes (a superficial antigene), signs of reproduction of a virus are not present. In analyses of blood of a virus carrier there are no signs of an inflammation of a hepatic fabric. The person feels healthy, remaining an infection source. To secure relatives against infection it is possible by means of a vaccine.

the Virus With more artful and more artful. For today concept the carrier of a virus With incorrectly. To panic to relatives it is not necessary - the virus is not passed by a household way, only through blood. Probability of infection with a sexual way at one sexual partner - from 0,1 to 8 %. To the Married couples which are not practising travmoopasnyj sex, at all do not appoint protection means. And here at chaotic sexual life the risk of infection reaches 23 %. The vaccine against a hepatitis With is developed.

than to be treated?

Competent treatment of hepatitises In and With - expensive pleasure (from 50 dollars a week depending on a preparation). A hepatitis In treat interferon - an alpha or lamivudinom. A hepatitis With treat also interferon - an alpha and ribavirinom. Now more effective molecule of interferon for treatment of chronic hepatitises - pegilirovannyj interferon is opened. Choose the correct scheme of treatment the doctor can only.

Where to run from a hepatitis?

the fastest rates disease of a hepatitis decreases in Kostroma, Orenburg, Perm, Yaroslavl areas.

according to Gossanepidnadzor, the most unsuccessful regions:

- Petersburg, the Samara, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Novgorod, Ivanovo areas, Primorski Krai, Hunts - Mansijsky joint-stock company.

the hepatitis is not descended

Virus hepatitises - infectious diseases, they do not indulge by right of succession.

but the kid can vnutriutrobno receive from mum a virus of a hepatitis In if it is infected by it. At infitsirovanii vnutriutrobno or the risk of development of a chronic hepatitis at kids sharply increases in infancy. That it to avoid, it is necessary to use a vaccine.

at presence at mum of a hepatitis With the kid, most likely, will be born the healthy.


From a hepatitis From vaccines does not exist for today. But by doctors it is noticed, a leah that an inoculation from a hepatitis In does an organism steadier against virus S

epidemic Threatens us?

Opinion of department of Gossanepidnadzor of Ministry of Health of Russia:

- In Russia a situation with disease of hepatitises rather difficult. But to epidemic to us, fortunately, far. Moreover, if since 1996 we registered splash in hepatitises B and C since 2001 disease decrease has begun. It first of all result of the begun inoculation from hepatitis V

As inoculation from a hepatitis In is provided by the National calendar of inoculations to children of the first year of life and 13 - summer it is spent FREE OF CHARGE.

one more group of people of risk - doctors. Unfortunately, the nation-wide legislation does not provide for them obligatory free inoculation. But in the last 5 - 6 years in regions have started to protect actively physicians from a hepatitis In at the expense of means of local budgets. So, in Moscow doctors vaccinate free of charge.

Victor MALEEV, main infektsionist Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the deputy director of scientific research institute epidemiologii the Russian Academy of Medical Science:

- For 9 months 2002 (in comparison with the same period of 2001) disease has fallen to 42,2 %. Including on a hepatitis In - on 43,9 %, and on a hepatitis With - on 59,9 %.

Earlier from a hepatitis And we did not do inoculations - the situation was favorable. But last years flashes of a hepatitis of A.Naprimer have begun, last year there was a mass infection with a hepatitis And at the Moscow pedagogical university. This year an intense situation in Siberia, in deluging zones. Therefore in some regions vaccination from a hepatitis now is spent And.

From a hepatitis With there are no vaccines. But also it has flown lower . Probably, from - that at us became less than intravenous addicts (is such opinion). That to fix a tendency on disease decrease, money is necessary: on free vaccination, on diagnostics... If the deputies who have started talking about hepatitis epidemics can achieve assignment for struggle against it is will do all of us good.

the comment of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

- on November, 18th in the State Duma has passed a press - conference with menacing name Russia on a threshold of new epidemic . To journalists have informed that in Russia disease level virus hepatitises has got catastrophic scales and poses real threat for nation health. Over 5 million persons are carriers of a virus of a hepatitis of V.Virusom With are infected about 2 million persons . Here that has informed us the deputy The chairman of Committee GD on health protection and sports Tatyana JAKOVLEVA:

- Organizuja a press - conference, we pursued two aims. The first: having shown scale of a problem with a hepatitis in Russia, to achieve introduction of obligatory free inoculations from a hepatitis In for all who needs them, and not just for children.

the second problem - to achieve, that the state has incurred the obligation free of charge to treat for a hepatitis of children which have infected with this dreadful disease in medical institutions. Today at out-patient treatment free medicines are not guaranteed by it, and the course of standard therapy costs 4,5 - 6 thousand dollars...

and HOW In Moscow?

And Muscovites, according to all available information, fall ill with the Hepatitis in 1,5 times less often, than inhabitants of other regions. That is with hygiene - sanitary in capital it is rather quite good (we will remind, the hepatitis And concerns to to illnesses of dirty hands ) .

And here with a hepatitis With in Moscow is slightly worse, than on the average on the country. If as a whole disease of it has decreased this year almost on 60 %, in capital - on 57,6 %...


the Liver - the largest body in a body of the person: its weight can reach to 1,5 kgs. Hepatic cages - gepatotsity - are responsible for the vital processes: processing of proteins, carbohydrates, processing of fats and removal of the fulfilled products. The liver has remarkable ability to self-restoration. Even the share of a liver bodily removed at operation is under construction anew in some weeks. But at the started hepatitises In and With gepatotsity collapse faster, than ability to regeneration operates.