Rus News Journal

Cops without a make-up

(Read in numbers for November, 29th, 6, 13, on December, 20th, 2002)

How much tears, offences, tragedies have accumulated on our tables!

write and the citizens who have suffered from cops, and militiamen - those who really catches criminals, earning pity pennies and gangster bullets.

there is no while only the most important response - from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We invite again minister Boris Gryzlov to discuss behind the Round table problems of department which is on the maintenance of the people and to the people ministers.

for now we publish the next selection of the most typical letters in edition.

we shoot pistols 53 - go year...

... I have fulfilled in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of 15 years. From them 10 years in OVO and 5 - in PPS. I can tell that now at us full disorder. Reform - a myth and a bluff. You listen to our minister - to struggle, struggle and struggle! With whom? With us... Have given boots, a peak-cap, and turn as you want. On a bottle of vodka and appetizer you will earn...

half of staff of regional militia look as ragamuffins. Forms are not present, the weapon - second-hand articles! In my department of 90 percent of automatic machines it is not adjusted, pistols of 1953 of release!

N. M, the lieutenant colonel of militia, the Tula area, Aleksin .

One in the field of operas...

Yes, outwardly the structure of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs represents a huge octopus. But after all each management in it an octopus - an irreplaceable and important link. A problem not in floridity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in reasonable distribution of duties between divisions and their interaction with other power structures.

I, being operom OBEP (department on struggle against economic crimes), could encounter on the way resistance from tax police, UBOP, a criminal investigation department and etc. Under the law all of them also can investigate crimes of an economic orientation. Each service can be engaged in all. And anything if there is no interest.

Sergey Koledov, Rybinsk .

I to them - with the complaint, they to me - with shout...

In 2001 me have robed. Have stolen 148 sq. metres of an obstacle - a metal grid by which my ground area has been enclosed. Thieves have handed over a grid in illegal place of acceptance which is at us in village. Three times I was converted to the divisional, three times registered my statements. There was time - neither the answer, nor greetings.

then I have gone to Kuznetsk, in ROVD where to me have informed that my business... It is closed. I have demanded reports. In them even it has not been specified, how much metres of a grid at me have pulled down.

It was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor. There days through 40 me have told that documents are returned again in ROVD. It was converted into court. In court reports have demanded. I again in ROVD. But documents (or at least their copies) and have not given out. So I also remained with what.

All these fighters for the law and order have poisoned my nerves so many that I for all 73 - summer life have not spent the.

V.Stoljarov, the pensioner, the veteran of work, the Penza region, Kuznetsk r - n, with. Old Krjazhim .

Who will help the widow of the cop?

you write that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs treat badly the duties much. And here my husband such was not. It was lost on fighting fast. And I remained one with five children on hands, the sixth will soon be born. We live in the house - temporary barracks, in the apartment, which area of 21 sq. m. Heating oven. In the winter children sleep dressed in a coat and put in valenoks.

I already tens times was converted into different instances with the request to improve living conditions. Nobody helps. If the state so concerns families of victims that to demand from militiamen?

Irina Gusev, the wife of the lost militiaman, Volgograd .

Cops - the person of the power

on November, 7th, 2002 I went from Ural Mountains to the Voronezh region. With me there was a wife. Gibededeshnik has stopped me under the city of Rossoshju ostensibly for excess of speed. I have started to explain that it not my indications on a radar, and in the answer have heard: Here now you will sit down with me in the car, and I will tell that you broke from me epaulets . I speak: the Commander, is a lawlessness . And me on h...

Pashinin V. I, the reserve officer, the Voronezh region, Rossosh .

We - system small screws

the Cop the cop garbage - So us klichut broad masses. But, what are, we minister to these weights. And to whom you minister, journalists? A leah many articles have written about the children who have given to life in struggle against a crime (and such, believe, much)? That we have such militia, there is also your, journalistic, a merit. Perhaps, it is necessary to write with a note superior intelligence?

we - system small screws in which we minister. Those who goes against the stream, at the best dismiss for discrepancy . In the worst - send on a visit to God ... Not we created this system, and it - us. And not only its change depends on us.

an opera of a regional criminal investigation department, Moscow Region .

Grain posts

I know several quite good guys in militia, but their unit. Behind beer all of them admit that at us in the Mine city grain Posts occupy either by means of relatives, or for money. Also there is a rate both for posts, and for ranks. And if you have bought grain a post the heads will cover you in all known ways.

Jashchenko V. A, Mines, the Rostov region .

Workers any more those...

I have fulfilled in bodies more quarter of the century. I do not argue, now to work more hard, but also workers have gone any more those.

my elder son has gone on my stops and worked in UBOPe. To pension not dosluzhil three years. Has not sustained. Has left the captain of militia.

younger too has got skilled. But I to it have advised to end civil high school, and then to be defined. During study at institute once has stayed in a monkey house 14 hours. It has come simply black. I have asked it: you Want to work in militia? you, probably, understand the answer.

Alexander Zabortsev, Syktyvkar, Republic Komi .

Addicts have placed militia on bribes

Is in Kaliningrad so-called the Camp - the Gipsy settlement notorious for drug-dealing prospering there. In this settlement regularly hangs out all Kaliningrad militia - from services of criminal militia to GAI and private security. All find employment to liking.

variants to earn additionally set. It is possible to put, for example, a police car metres in hundred from a dining room (houses where trade in drugs) and simply there to stand. Addicts, zavidja cops, avoid a point, business at drug dealers fades. After a while the owner a dining room approaches to guards with the business offer: for the certain sum to drive off and stand where - nibud in other place. A bargain!

Other article of incomes - catching of addicts. Cops of the suspicious subject stop, search in the presence of understood and find out to a ration heroin. The withdrawal report, " is made; the client is late. Then the offer follows: for modest compensation the report can be torn and about all to forget. Understood - in a dale.

Victor Dmitrys, Kaliningrad .