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How much is Russia?

in the come year the government is going to earn on a word “ Russia “ 1 billion 879 million roubles. This money will pay the commercial enterprises and the organisations in treasury, in whose name the name and state symbolics flaunt.

paradox, but thus exact estimations of national wealth of the country at us are not present. “ has tried to count up, how much there is Russia.


One frying pans on 2 billion

25 trillion 206 billion and 4 million roubles - cςξλόκξ, by estimates of Goskomstat, there is a national wealth of Russia. Accountants have written down everything, from what than and on what country material benefits are forged: machine tools and factories, houses, steamships. The collective-farm cattle and even is counted... Ours with you house property. The majority of Russians also does not know that our utensils, including wardrobes and frying pans, are too mammon of the Native land! Already 8 percent!

but at such scrupulous calculation of 25 trillion “ wooden “ it will be small! This sum is comparable to the annual budget of the USA. Then the Yankee if podnatuzhatsja, can buy up us with giblets?

- cost of the industrial capital is underestimated approximately in 2,5 times, - the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry considers Lvov. - the official statistics considers accounting cost of the enterprises: for example, the price of machine tools on which they have been bought, a minus deterioration percent. Such estimations were good about 15 years ago, and now the market can give the true price only.

- actions of 10 most untwisted Russian companies cost at a stock exchange of 98 billion dollars, - the analyst of the investment company " tells; the Renaissance the Capital “ Alexey MOISEYEV. Is less, than capitalisation only one large corporation of the USA. All because also the stock market in our country is developed poorly, on it the small part of economy is presented only.

but even if to collect actions of all our enterprises and to combine them in one big bag, it is possible to gain no more than 500 billion dollars.


Is coded even clay

last year almost everything that conceal the Russian bowels, became the big state secret. So from newcomers statspravochnikov mentions even about deposits " have disappeared; a stone pilnogo “ and “ clay refractory “ not to mention oil. Interesting, school textbooks on geography too will subject audits?

- experts are capable to estimate stocks of the same oil to within tens tons, - academician Dmitry tells Lvov. - and to count up cost of natural mammon, there is enough stocks of minerals, woods, fishes in the coastal seas to increase by the world market prices.

According to Goskomrybolovstva, for example, cost of water bioresources in an economic zone of Russia of all of 730 million dollars. It is very underestimated estimation! At least because it does not consider poaching and larceny. This indicator needs to be doubled or even to treble.

as a whole the natural capital of Russia - an order of 300 trillion dollars. But is also relative indicators. For today it about 160 thousand dollars on the person in a year. That is our natural capital - about 23,2 trillion dollars annually.

in the USA this indicator of time in two is less, in the European countries - in 8 times, in Japan - in 40 times, and in China - in 80 times.

on size of natural mammons Russia - first-ever.


And portjanki love the bill

the Most expensive that is in army, - the hi-tech weapon. Each nuclear submarine pulls on $1 billion And them at the country - almost 40. Means, our nuclear fleet and costs where - that $40 billion Is added two ten diesel submarines on $150 million everyone. Plus two and a half hundred ships. By the gross they will pull billions on 20. To it it is necessary to add coastal bases, warehouses, available housing - about $100 billion

In Rocket armies the most expensive goods - intercontinental ballistic missiles. Them nearby 700. The price of everyone - $50 million All it “ kind “ - on tractors or in mines. These are $ more 50 million

In the Air Forces almost 4 thousand planes. One fighter costs on the average $25 million Is added to it of 2,5 thousand helicopters on $3 million for a piece, 60 airdromes with communications, hangars, staffs, houses - all it will manage in $100 - 120 billion

we Will add Space forces - one and a half ten companions on $50 - 60 million, management systems, preventions of a rocket attack - all together - $4 - 5 billion

At Russia approximately 15 thousand tanks (on $2 million) Thousand 30 fighting vehicles on $1 million, thousand 40 art systems on $100 - 150 thousand. And still is almost 25 thousand antiaircraft rocket sistempo $2 million

we Will count up and “ portjanki “. All army back costs where - that $200 - 250 billion we Will add to it 600 military camps, academies, schools, prodskladov which together will give the sum equal 5 - to 6 annual military budgets ($10 billion) .

Total we will receive about $550 billion And who has told, what the Native land to protect - pleasure cheap?


the People richer than the state

In Central Bank gold and exchange currency reserves today $47,9 billion. For last year its reserves swell by leaps and bounds. Only for the first week of new year of a granary of bank have grown on $100 million.

approximately 10 percent from this sum, or $4,8 billion, - cost of gold ingots. All together they weigh more than 350 tons. And if to cash all remained currency, denominations hardly will go in in 8 railway cars.

but also the people in Russia are not poorer - 100 dollars under a pillow for rainy day are stored by almost everyone. If we will be thrown off, the Central Bank easily we will outdo. Because, according to the experts, on hands at the country population today is to $40 billion. To this sum it is necessary to add also monetary contributions to banks. On an abacus Russians store more than 900 billion roubles, or about $30 billion.


Debts do not pull a pocket

If to reduce the debit with the credit, not to get to anywhere from debts. For today Russia has run into debt to other states $137 billion But also abroad to us too is obliged to return $78 billion It turns out, in net weight we owe to foreigners “ in total - that “ about $60 billion This sum also should be subtracted from a total cost of Russia.


not to consider good in Paris and Nice

the Property of Russia outside of the country according to Audit Chamber of all - that on $7 billion Such is balance cost of private residences of embassies, the earths under them and shares of Russia in the international companies. Market estimations will pull on $300 billion

Confusion with zabugornym property has gone after disorder of the USSR. As to whom belongs, cannot understand till now. And the question, how much is now all costs, one of the most disputable. For example, historian Vladlen Sirotkin on estimations is twice more generous, than market analysts. But anybody has not found time to count up yet, how much the foreign real estate belongs to the Russian citizens. According to experts, over the last 10 years from Russia $150 have flowed away - Part of these money has settled $300 billion on an abacus in banks. But much has turned to country houses in Miami and apartments in Paris.