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The American soldiers will disaccustom to sleep

In the USA scientists develop technology which will allow military men to be awake for seven days in succession.

the Pentagon has formulated the Order so: for the seventh day of a sleeplessness the fighter should be not less fresh and vigorous, than in the beginning of week.

according to the curator of the program of doctor John Kameja, anything unusual in this project is not present:

- during the Second World War the British, Japanese and German soldiers accepted caffeine for endurance increase. Have then appeared amfetamin and modafinil (other variant of the name - provigil). These means included the reserves put in a human body. And if them not to abuse, any consequences the military men applying them, then did not test. Now we study features of nervous activity of the birds who long are awake in migration, and dolphins who can not sleep at all at the expense of alternate activation of various parts of a brain. And depending on the received results our researches will go on two ways. Or it will appear to reveal and stifle easier the genes of the person which are responsible for drowsiness. Or it is necessary to design the generator of electromagnetic radiation which will influence those sites of a brain where the impulses calling a drowsiness are formed.