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Kirkorov demands to throw out Shevchyuk from Grand Hotel

In last number fatties we already wrote about the fight which has occurred between Yury Shevchyuk and Phillip Kirkorov in sankt - Petersburg Grand Hotel Europe . But the conflict for a week has not run low. As it became known, Kirkorov seriously intends to achieve from a hotel management that the input in it has been forbidden Shevchyuk, and also material indemnification for the caused inconveniences.

we have called in Grand Hotel Europe to clear up a situation.

by words a press - secretary Snezhany Zamalievoj, the hotel management is not going to declare Yury Shevchyuk the person non - grata.

- For this purpose there are no bases. Incident is exaggerated and, moreover, is already settled. The conflict has begun not within the precincts of hotel, and some years ago, after demonstration on singing television under a soundtrack.

- Than the exchange of letters between a star and a hotel management has ended?

- We have apologised Phillip Kirkorov, have considered that it is enough of it.

Here the letter from the general director of hotel has come one of these days to Phillip Kirkorov.

dear Mr. Kirkorov!

... I apologise for that unpleasant incident which has occurred in the Lobby - a bar.

I witnessed an event since during that moment I was there together with the visitors. And I should notice that representatives of our security service as professionals could not react to the very quickly occurred incident operatively.

as I spoke earlier to you, Mr. Shevchyuk will not be admitted on hotel territory when you will be in hotel. Besides, I am glad to inform that with employees of security service of hotel training has been carried out (is interesting to look, how it passed! - Red.) in order to avoid repetition of a similar situation in the future.

... Visually to show that your letter has been carefully studied also all your remarks have been considered, Grand Hotel Europe invites you, your family or friends to Petersburg for 3 days with free residing in Grand Hotel Europe .

We hope, as henceforth you will stop in Grand Hotel Europe .