Rus News Journal

Berry glade - 2003

Well here also have lived about the next light day. Today starts a new season of our competition the Berry glade . The main conditions - former: to us are necessary documentary that acknowledgement that in the course of time many women not only do not grow old, but, to the contrary, become much more attractive. Actually, we and it know, but one business the nobility, and absolutely another - to see all new and new photos (for the sake of it many young men and go to the big journalism). Therefore we do so: you send us pictures from a series here it I in youth, and it - now, truth after all, has got prettier? . Write pair of words about, about that (or about those) that (or who) helps you to be with such delightful form. We take out the best pictures on court of readers. And not only on newspaper pages, but also on a site in section Photocompetitions . There it is possible not only to admire our beauties, but also to vote for the most pleasant. The winner the valuable prize which she will receive from hands of the trustee of man`s club of Leonid Zaharova waits. There will be it directly in edition so it is necessary also to Moscow to arrive. Wait for messages. Send the photos with a mark the Berry glade - 2003 on the edition mailing address (it on last page of the newspaper) or on electronic mail leonidas@.

For now - the first participants of our competition. We will greet them. Men drink standing.