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Igor has made my the proposal on the air!

our competition on the most romantic and extraordinary love story Proceeds. In the National novel the avalanche of letters comes, therefore we have decided to postpone summarising till January of next year to print as much as possible your original plots. (We remind, the main prize - the TV is played!) The stories (do not forget to put a photo from family albums) send by mail with a mark on an envelope the National novel or on elektronke: vel@

In our young family the important place occupies football. And on to football soil our destiny has dared. I then studied in the eleventh class. raved football: walls in a room were zaveshany photos of substitutes, did not pass any match with participation Spartaka on school went with badges - favorite team symbols. And suddenly in school library has met the guy with CSKA badge on a jacket. Have exchanged causticities. Began to send each other for fun threats. And then... On the air of local radio has heard its voice! He has told: Tatyana, be my wife! what did I need to do?

we are married four years. To our daughter it will soon be executed one and a half year, and she already is able to shout: Go - ol! And a favourite toy at it - a ball. And disputes what to look: football or a serial, in our family does not arise - certainly, football!

Tatyana Safonova, Orenburg.

my husband became awful E. N

... There was an August, last my working day before long-awaited holiday. Has gathered home, but the chief has handed over me the whole bale of forms and the list from 15 magazines and 8 newspapers which followed write out to the client today (last day subscriptions!) and today to carry receipts and delivery to any E.N.Proklinaja in a shower of it tranzhiru E. N, 300 roubles which have spent for a subscription (for those times three my salaries!) Has written out receipts and has gone to a way. Its house settled down at the world`s end so I already in every way abhored it E. N which has presented the opposite old man. On my knock the nice young man in shorts has opened. I have stretched it receipts: Pass, please, to your father, delivery in an envelope - also has already turned to leave. But the guy has kept me: the Lovely girl, my father lives not here... And here - that I have burst out crying. Despair tears have scattered by itself. The young man was surprised, has offered a handkerchief, has set in an armchair. Sobbing, I have told to it about the unlucky day, about that since morning ate nothing, was tired. Towards the end of my sentimental story the guy has burst out laughing and has told that hated E. N is it and is that he lives one and to spend money, except as for magazines and newspapers, it practically has. Then we drank coffee, talked. And in three days have put in the statement in a registry office. And here we together thirteen and a half years, at us daughter Polina grows, we are happy and till now we write out a heap of newspapers and magazines .

Natalia Penkova, the Eagle.

we from the cradle the groom and the bride

We with the husband of the coeval, our novel lasts 42 years. And all has begun in far 60 - m when two young mums walked in a court yard with carriages. Carriages were hooked, and mums have laughed: Well directly as the groom with the bride have caught the friend for the friend . In one carriage the girl, that is I, and in another - the boy lay. Then this boy and this girl have grown up and have gone to one class (happened, shared the same desk), swarmed up trees, fought. Any mutual sympathies did not test. At six-year age we almost have simultaneously got to hospital with an appendicitis attack, lay in the next chambers, and all round us named for fun the groom and the bride. After elementary school termination my family has moved to other disctrict of the city. Again we were reduced by a case. We have appeared on rest on a camp site. The company has stolen up from the former schoolmates, during one perfect instant, as usual, we have looked against each other and have understood that should be together. Wedding have played in the winter, on December, 14th. And our mums all marvelled: Here also do not believe in destiny! Yes from the cradle the destiny tried to reduce you! also has reduced .

Natalia Babkina, Znamensk.