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Sergey Bezrukov have not started up to the grandmother

Every time when Sergey Bezrukov comes on tour in Bottom, a city as if goes mad. Thousand fans rush about after a substitute: everyone knows that main thing roots the foreman the countries - in district Lyskovo of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Here live its native - the grandmother, the grandfather, the aunt, here have got married and from here have left to Moscow his mother with the father. But the second year relatives cannot already meet. Sergey has arrived to a past week-end in Bottom with a guest performance Tempting after which was going to go at once to come to see favourite grandmother Ekaterina Surovu. The old woman has got dough, napekla pies... But the agiotage round performance was such that have appointed the second performance.

- Serezha has called me, apologised: Babulechka, I love you, have not forgotten, but this time two concerts in day it has turned out, and at once on a train - I can not arrive - Ekaterina Alekseevna has told to us.

- And that on a concert have not gone?

- we do not go any more. In its last arrival I wanted to pass Serezhe of pies house, but the militia with a daughter has not passed us - have pushed aside together with other fans. Grand daughters promised to arrive in the summer... It is good that itself will arrive, and that after all local residents already autographs take from us.

and still in Bottom has called a gossip... Bezrukov`s broken nose. Hearings have gone that this handwork of the local fans, trying to beat out the treasured autograph. Actually Bezrukov has arrived in Bottom already with an impressive graze are have noticed meeting on platform. Actually Sergey has received a trauma in Moscow. The partner on performance Pushkin Natalia Sychev has not calculated movement and has scratched to Sergey a nose.

in Bottom in a break between performances under escort of security guards the actor has quickly run in restaurant the Viennese waltz Where has drunk a cup of coffee, a glass svezhevyzhatogo juice and has eaten a chocolate dessert. And it is more than anything. Not because a diet. Prior to the beginning of performance Bezrukov has densely had a snack in the Land - a bar : soup from seafood, beaters with a tuna and a salmon, green salad and a land. Have washed down all they are misters actors chajkom.

... But grandmother`s pies are all the same more tasty! By the way, their correspondents will try - Ekaterina Alekseevna has invited us on conversation on the rural childhood of a substitute. The story about it is in the following number fatties !