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Dudaev`s widow will get over from the warm sea to the cold?

the widow of the first president of the Chechen Republic Dzhohara Dudaev Alla and its nephew Adam Chehoev, probably, will move in the near future on a constant residence to Estonia. Now they, citizens of Russia (and owners of the Russian passports), live in Baku. About it referring to the Estonian newspaper postimees has reported Interfax .

However, under our data which confirm sources in Istanbul, Alla Dudaev with near relations of the lost husband rent a private residence in this largest city of Turkey. And at least until recently felt there itself quite safely. Though there is a habitation at the widow of the Chechen president and in Baku where she at times visits.

- to Baku Dudaev comes as the private person. Lives here on neskolku days, and sometimes and weeks. Contacts to us supports. But in a policy by and large is not engaged, - have told to us in so-called representation of Ichkeria in Azerbaijan.

on a broader scale Alla Dudaev who on - former is fond of painting and poetry, moves on the world quite freely. Only during the last years came to see Georgia, France. Happened and in Moscow. And in Estonia, we will remind, Alla lived with Dzhoharom Dudaev who ordered here an aviadivision, prior to the beginning 90 - h years. Considering that piety with which Estonian authorities concern the first president independent Ichkeria it is possible not to doubt that its widow will receive residence permit even with the Russian passport.