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Dry breakfasts: the Squadron of mine mjuslej crazy

Dry breakfasts all attempt upon our morning diet more actively. Advertising positions them as a product, ideal for adherents of a healthy way of life ( a breakfast for clear heads, beauties, champions, sportsmen ) And persistently recommends to children. We will walk under the most tempting promises and we will check up, what actually it is concealed in boxes with crackling food?

dry breakfasts - a product healthy and natural...

All representatives of this family - mjusli, flakes, small pillows, balls, asterisks and etc. - prepare from the grain. To business there is a wheaten and corn flour, oats, rice, a rye. First of all them appreciate the high maintenance necessary for an organism kletchatki. As the most useful are considered mjusli - the grains mixed with slices of dried fruits, raisin, nuts:

- Mjusli is the natural product richest and high-grade, - leading research assistant GU tells scientific research institute of a food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Arseny MARTINCHIK. - In - the first, it purely vegetative, in - the second, practically does not contain some fat.

a unique lack mjusli: they quite often give a flour. Besides differ the raised rigidity: They need to be soaked long in milk, differently you will not chew.

every possible flakes of type korn - flejksa are much more tasty. But the more pleasantly they on taste, the it is more in them than additives: for their sweet flavour with sugar, honey or chocolate. Independently stand so-called kranchi - the flakes fried with butter: in them the highest maintenance of fats. At thermal processing from flakes all useful substances disappear, therefore them is artificial enrich with vitamins and microcells.

the third group - balloons, ringlets, asterisks: initial components do not roast, and blow up . In them it is less than fat, than in flakes, but it is more than sugar on 20 - 50 %.

... It is possible to grow thin perfectly

Those who considers that mjusli help to lose superfluous kgs, cruelly are mistaken. Caloric content at this product the serious. For comparison: In 100 grammes of pork chop of average fat content 230 kcals, in the same quantity mjusli (with raisin and nuts) - already 340 - 370 contain! And if in them chocolate power value raises already to 440 - 460 kcal is added. Add to it milk (at fat content of 1,5 % - 49 kcals) or liquid yoghurt (60 - 70 kcal).

... The ideal food for children

Here is not present! The institute of a food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science does not recommend to enter dry breakfasts into a diet of the kiddies who have not reached school age. The sugar and chocolate glaze plentifully covering some kinds of flakes, can contribute in development in children of caries. And multi-coloured flakes with dyes - to call an allergy. Besides dry breakfasts, how much them soak, all the same remain rigid enough. And if the kid still has not enough teeth, it simply will not consult with the breakfast and will swallow of it, without chewing.

... Loads energy on all the day

Though it and the high-calorie product giving to many energy, but sense of fulness from it quickly passes. Therefore dry breakfasts do not approach the people actively working physically:

- If it is necessary the intense working day, it is desirable, that the breakfast was the present: salatik, porridge, a slice of a small fish or meat, - considers the candidate of medical sciences, the dietician of clinic of dietetic therapy of Institute of a food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Michael GURVICH. - when the person works, for example, at factory, the dry breakfast will not satisfy it. It will not replace some necessary amino acids of an animal origin which contain in meat, fish, eggs and cottage cheese. And here - in a break till a dinner - flakes quite suit the second breakfast.

... The product dietary also approaches all

- Jazvennikam, most likely, it is not necessary to use mjusli: In them there are nuts, and it is not known, how the sick stomach will digest them, - leading research assistant GU recommends scientific research institute of a food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Arseny MARTINCHIK. - But obvious contra-indications against dry breakfasts are not present: the person simply should try and look at them at reaction of the organism.

recently are issued special mjusli for diabetics: sugar in them is replaced on podslastiteli (fructose, ksilit, sorbite). They quite approach also to healthy people.

... Nothing will replace mjusli or flakes

As a matter of fact, this product - the same porridge. However, with dry breakfasts of fuss less - has filled in with milk, and it is ready. But the squash manages much more cheaply, than a box import siriels . And on utility rice or grechka will be surpassed by the small pillows dressed in chocolate glaze or the fried flakes. The main thing - not to follow an old Russian proverb Porridge butter you will not spoil and not to go too far in sugar.

Sits a family at a table, in cities plays. Mum asks kiddies: Capital of France? in the answer silence. England? - a sound.
mum: Yes, children, you should eat a breakfast for clear heads .
Children (indignantly): And till now us fed with a breakfast for the stupid?!

and at this time

British have lowered dry breakfasts

Dry breakfasts are not more useful at all than cakes and rolls! To such conclusion experts of the independent public organisation Food Comission which is taking up the problems of a food in Great Britain have come. British have analysed eating value of ten dry breakfasts most popular in the world made the large companies. It has appeared that the quantity of sugar and the harmful sated fats in korn - flejkse and other flakes at all is less, than in confectionery, and kletchatki - approximately as much. Thus dry breakfasts are with might and main untwisted as a healthy product, and cookies and rolls - as adding superfluous centimetres on a waist.

the fattest, by data www. izvestia. ru, experts recognised crackling breakfast Harvest Cranch from transnational company Quaker (which now actively is on sale and in Russia). Having swallowed 50 - a gramme portion of this delicacy, the consumer receives in its structure 3 teaspoons of sugar, third of day norm of the harmful sated fats and only 8 % of day norm useful kletchatki.