Rus News Journal

People who have surprised us

the Swedish princess
25 - summer Victoria, the successor of the Swedish holy table, is called on three-week military gathering. novobranka will serve in accordance with general practice: to live in barracks, to shoot from the automatic machine and to execute commands. Some of them have already cleared vague hopes at grandfathers - sergeants: Lay down! feet are wider than shoulders! to salute!

Stalingradsky widows
They have received surprisingly weighed gift from the prime minister of Michael Kasyanov: 450 roubles will be paid not to all widows of heroes, but only not entering repeated marriage .
the Native government, you hear a floor-mat from stalingradskih entrenchments? It young husbands make comments on thy highly moral favour for ever...

the Popular TV presenter has presented to public geg in a genre black humour : the telegramme has wished happy birthday actor Vsevoloda Abdulov who has died almost half a year back. Tightens a seamy side even our telestars! Though to the minister of culture complain...

the Head of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service on a press - conferences in at last - that has dispelled apocalyptic hearings that frosts in Russia - is unprecedented now frosty, and thaw - is unprecedented warm: With weather at all of us is perfectly in order. Any anomalies and cataclysms it is not observed .
you ask: what occurs on light? And simply winter!

the drunkard - 2003
Tajka Shriaran has won Ms. of 150 thousand dollars at competition in Bangkok: for 7 seconds she has drunk 5 glasses of liquor then has fast passed on a twisting path from wine bottles. Without having brought down any!
and cognac at full tilt will stop?