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We with suprugoju have sweated - there is no imagination in bed!

women on a broader scale - that the people brave. And for the sake of love, it appears, are ready on all. Well, for example, to give birth two twins from different fathers or with ecstasy to have sex on a prison cot with the prisoner. And men? They where are more modest in the sexual imaginations and desires. In a naiad, for example, covered from top to bottom whipped cream and calling (it is not important where), they can see... The house painter - shtukatura. Where logic, where reason?


I have given birth to twins from different fathers

Tatjanin day it began to be marked as a Christian feast about 235 years. The abbess of Christian church Tatyana has undergone to cruel prosecutions for belief Christ`s. It have resulted in the Roman temple and adorations a pagan godhood have demanded from it. But Tatyana began to pray to Jesus Christ and so it is earnest that from a prayer the graven image has fallen and has broken, having pressed down many pagans. Tatyana executed. Later martyr Tatyana have consecrated a saint and began to mark its memory on January, 25th.

on January, 12th, 1755 the empress Elizabeth Petrovna has signed the decree About establishment of the Moscow university . The decree text was presented to it by Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov, the promoter of Lomonosov, the favourite of the empress. It was made in day of memory of sacred Tatyana. Shuvalov has chosen day not casually. So it has held in remembrance the mother Tatyana. In due course the national rumour has attributed to sacred Tatyana protection students.

Perhaps I and in vain to you behind advice am converted, but any more to whom. About the misfortune not all you will tell. One mad thought sharpens me, as a worm. Day by day. Also there is no rest! And a problem here in what.

Were born at me bliznjashki. The girl - a copy my husband, and the boy... It is terrible to tell, it is similar absolutely to other person. One my good acquaintance. Yes, there was a business, we have sinned once with it. I Also have given birth the children exactly - in - exactly in nine months.

well unless the such can be - that bliznjashki and from different men?! As I will think, so inside all grows cold.

Alevtina, Lipetsk.


Alas, Alevtina and so happens: twins can quite be born from different fathers, to medicine such cases are known. But done, forget. Neither to your husband, nor children from your overdue repentings it becomes easier not. Live and rejoice that the destiny has endowed you with double happiness.

the bicycle will make of the husband of the impotent man!

All think that sportsmen is universal - masters of the big sex. I too when left for the sportsman so thought. And little girls envied me: husband Vadik - the bicyclist, at competitions conquers. And a handsome man what! But...

Records in bed have appeared business by more difficult: Not always at the husband all turns out. I see that he wants me. But... At times cannot. I love it and without it, but he worries... And recently has read researches of the Spanish scientists: a pier, bicycle racers impotent men become often. From long sitting in a foolish saddle and loadings at them blood circulation is broken.

now I simply abhor this bicycle. Where the husband to replace?! Perhaps at us not all is lost?! How think?

Irina. The surname, excuse, I will not name.

and At this time

In India to men for sterilisation give a bicycle!

As reports Ananova, the authorities call men to vazektomii (operations on sterilisation) with despair - the population in the country increases on 20 million a year. In district Bankura 24 bicyclists are operated already. In turn in new bicycles have registered 250 more!


And if, Irina, under schedule of the husband to be arranged: have sex to, instead of after bicycle race? Advise to football players on the eve of a match for a spirit to oversleep with the wife. Perhaps and at you will work?


- we Have asked one of these days one bicycle racer, that it they, when on the spokes dissect, so suspiciously back otkljachivajut. The guy was got: that here, speaks, not clear, same for speed that the wind in ears whistled!

certainly, your husband in desktop hockey would play, it would be easier. But, Irochka, at once - that a bicycle at Vadik do not select! Suffer. nakataetsja - itself slezet. For now buy favourite thermopants is better: speak, they not only in a groin regulate temperature, but also from draughts and an impotence rescue.

it is a shame To me to look the girlfriend in the face

My friend Olga has left for some days in business trip and has asked, that I have looked after its small daughter, have helped on an economy to the husband. Right after works I have dropped in to the girl-friend home, all have fast prepared and have gone to a shower to be rinsed. Has not had time to close a door as trace Maxim has entered, Olga`s husband, and the beginnings to kiss me. We had sex directly under warm streams of water. And it was delightful!

then I came to Maxim some more time. And when Olga has returned, Maxim has become constant visitor at me. What to me now to do? How to look in the face to the girlfriend? Perhaps in all to admit?

Marina, Moscow.


it is possible to Admit, of course, only to whom from it it will be easier? Hardly your overdue repenting, Marina, will please both Maxim, and Olga. Having used trust of the girlfriend, you not only have entered to it into the house, but also the husband the stranger were in time popolzovatsja, having endangered the thoughtless act all family. Want, that it has definitively failed? An exit at you actually only one - to interrupt all intimate relations with Maxim and to disappear from horizon. And Maxim with Olga as - nibud in all will understand.


Doctor UIN * - the woman - the doctor has made sexual intercourse with the patient in prison

One of these days the prison doctor from the Czech place of Vinarzhitse has paid with the workplace, having risked to enter sexual relations with... The prisoner. And business was so.

the Hot woman - the doctor has invited the prisoner to itself in an office. Survey has yielded such impressing results that medichka has not resisted. Having indulged in love joy with the patient, she even has forgotten to lock a door.

And in a corridor of the prisoner vigilant supervisors expected. Having heard unusual sounds and plaints, they have there and then broken into an office and have found a couple at the most inappropriate moment.

the local police has been involved in investigation of this incident. Also has come to conclusion that the doctor has not made penal act.

and here the prison heads have solved differently. As has declared a press - the secretary of prison Ljubosh Beranek, sexual intercourse in working hours is discipline gross infringement . In this connection prison doktorsha has been immediately discharged from office.

* UIN - widely known abbreviation: management of an execution of the punishment.


Is a pity, of course, that medichka has forgotten to close a door in the sexual office. So, you look and there would be nobody of scandal. But what would be all advantage: in - the first, doktorshe which has carried to test so shattering orgasm of which she, maybe, all life dreamt. And here such regional ohm!

in - the second as would bring to the partner - to the prisoner at whom for certain all inside vzdybilos and has trembled with an anticipation of so long-awaited and delightful moment. And, fie you, have again fallen. And what advantage would be to the prison heads which would note unknown pressing forward of a contingent to a healthy way of life...


to Have sex the prisoner not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Other question: well not in a medical office and not in stolovskoj podsobke! By the way, in the Russian colonies for love appointments to the denounced there are specially taken away places. And in zones Spain, the Netherlands, Norway even is opened hostels. With the permission of the prison heads lovers can spend days in a separate room, and even it is more without supervision.

Igors STEPANS, the lawyer of I category.


Think, she too has decided to shave?
check up the sexual imagination

Attentively look at a photo and answer following questions:

1. How you think, than the girl on a picture is smeared?

clay and a soapsuds;

) whipped cream, ice-cream or still any food as which girls consider erotic;

it is awkward to tell than.

2. For what purpose it has made it?

) has a shave;

I do not know, be it the man, I would decide that she wants otkosit from army;

well, probably, for a skin it is useful.

3. What at it with hair?

) something has got confused or, can, hairpins, hairpins;

it seems, it simply hair-dye;

petals of roses or vishenki.

4. As you think, a speck on a background it...

) something has stuck to a film;

there is there no speck;

an eye of the latent television camera.

5. Looking at this girl, you would like...

to look at it without this muck on a body;

) I would not like any more;

too to be photographed in obnazhenke .

6. How you think, what at it bust number?

) unless it is a bust? Here my grandmother had a bust...

the second or the third;

to business it is relations has no.

7. How you think, she prefers what linen?

) narrow shorts - a tango;


bikini on strings.

8. As whom does it work?

) and unless it not the model?

shtukaturom - the house painter;

the teacher at school.

9. If you have learnt that it in you is enamoured and ready on all...

a) is not present, well it, of course, not the standard, but time itself goes to hands...

). hurrah! It is that of whom I always dreamt! ;

) oh, how much the sweet moments would there and then be carried by in a head...

and now count up points. For each answer And put itself 1 point, for - 2 points, for In - 3 points.

from 18 to 27

From you there is such sexual current that it is easily possible to shine the whole city. You are not afraid to dream, because know: your brain - the main erotic body. Continue to stimulate it so that spirit grasped!

from 9 to 17

With you you will not miss! But admit: you at first long rehearsed all best love sketches, and then showed to yours sparring - the partner. Continue and to raise the sexual skill further.

from 0 to 8

your orgasm - stress for an organism! Therefore we order to you on half an hour of exciting imaginations three times a day after meal and to an absolute recovery.


All my pity being has gathered in one place... Not in about what you wrote, and in a stomach.

With. F, Samara.

In my status of some physical ushchemlennosti (I am an impotent man) the Platonic love very much even suits me.

Century B., Khabarovsk territory.

It is said that in 65 the man is not necessary to the woman. This lies. Simply at muzhiks by 60 years (excuse for immodesty) not only a back a letter G but also its worthiness too.

E. G, the Chelyabinsk area.

My name is Vova. The size of a head standard, both eyes see equally. A nose small, not as at Depardieu, all teeth is present. I clean them 3 times a day, I wash time in two days. In an onanism I am not engaged. I want to find friends.