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It is necessary zubchik garlic for a kitten and a puppy

At pets, fortunately, flu epidemics do not happen. But they have enough illnesses which arise as soon as the temperature behind a window goes down. We will tell to you, as by means of simple and inexpensive ways to strengthen immunity of pupils that illnesses have not knocked down them.

does not eat a grass? Give torments!

If at you in apartment is small a lawn from proroshchennyh cereals and your cat or a dog always has to it access it is remarkable. But happens that the animal at all ignores all medicinal landings. Make then a flour from proroshchennyh grains and add it in a forage.

the flour so Prepares. Wash up wheat and place it in any vessel, having covered with a wet rag. Put all in a warm place and watch, that grains did not dry up. Approximately in two days sprouts will be ready. Do not pass the maturing moment - wheat should arise all on 1 millimetre then it will be especially curative. Further grains should be washed out, dried, ground once again in a coffee grinder or to pass through a meat grinder.

for a cat a dose - two teaspoons in day, for a dog - from one to six teaspoons. Overdose is not dangerous.

make tea from a nettle

Many dog breeders instead of water of times in a week give to the pupils nettle broth. It is necessary to fill in a table spoon of a dry grass with a boiled water glass, to insist 20 minutes, to filter and cool. If broth is not necessary to the pupil on taste, it dilute with water and podslashchivajut honey. tea it is possible to give and to cats, but in that case to add honey does not follow.

It is possible to make and such broth: to mix in equal parts an immortelle, birch kidneys, zveroboj and a camomile. To make in the same proportions. By the way, it recommend and for elderly animals as Youth elixir .

the Green onion - the friend

As well as to people, animal garlic and an onion are useful to animals. However, the hunting and their guard dogs need to give with care as it is considered that pungent smells can deprive of their scent. The others it is possible to treat all to them free.

it is necessary to give garlic on one zubchiku on an empty stomach or before going to bed. Zubchik it is better to take whole: if you cut it, the pupil, having felt bitter taste, will rest and will refuse to swallow of it.

one of the strongest means for an immunity raising - an extract or tincture ehinatsei purple. It is on sale in any drugstore and costs an order of 100 roubles for a vial.

large dogs of type of mastiffs can accept it in human doses - daily on 20 drops. To dogs of the average size will be 10 - 15 drops, to cats and small pesikam - 5 drops enough.

Even if you feed the pupil with qualitative dry feeds, during the heavy winter period it is not forbidden to give them eating additives.


If roads to you a cat, do not smoke!

As have shown researches of German scientists, moustached - striped are adoptive to a tobacco smoke even more than the person. As the passive smoker your four-footed favourite can easily catch a cancer limfouzlov and respiratory ways.

scientists also urgently recommend not to leave without supervision of an ashtray with stubs. Cats, it appears, show interest to ashes and stubs. They simply lick them, turning to nicotinic addicts. So, if to you own life is not expensive, take care at least of the pupils.