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Valentina Leonteva: I was thrown by all whom I loved

to Valentine Leontevoj this year will be executed 80. At it all same radiant blue eyes, a charming smile and a warm voice. On a visit to the aunt the Shaft we have come not empty-handed. Valentina Mihajlovna it is grateful accepts gifts, letters of admirers and strongly is confused from - for money though feels for them need. But readers do not throw in a misfortune of the substitutes. For this purpose in the fund " has been created; we Will help favourite actors . Five thousand the roubles, sent by readers to fund, we have passed Valentina Leontevoj.

I dressed all men and put

- Valentina Mihajlovna, to you is about what in the life to feel sorry?

- I lived and worked to the full extent, therefore now about what I do not feel sorry. I do not like to sit yes to grieve, here what I was young and popular, and now old and forgotten. It is life, and, whatever you may say, I am happy with it. And then, what the old means? I do not feel the age, the 80.

- your character - what it?

- On a horoscope I Am left. Lions - they very kind. And character at me good, I with anybody did not quarrel. Thought, it is better to be silent, than to swear. Once I madly loved one person, even already was the mistress of its house. And here is how - that my ware, also calls phone. We do not approach to the device. And in half an hour again a call, but to a door. And therefrom female shout: You why do not lift a tube?! I and obmerla. Has understood at once: she is ITS woman. He speaks to it: She is Valentina Mihajlovna, it has brought to me from Japan class shirts! I why - that dressed all men - put, though money received a little. Perhaps you spend the lady to a taxi? - that woman speaks. I sit down in a taxi and to a roar it is terrible! It is visible, on a sort at me it is written, that I was thrown by those whom I as the madwoman, loved. Even the father of my only child has left from me.

my debut was awful!

- and your greatest love?

- the television was the biggest love. Though never I will forget the first program. It was necessary to present to spectators English obshchestvennitsu. The director has decided to flash before the guest and solemnly counted: Before transfer three minutes. Two minutes . I died of fear. When remains - a zero spectators have seen my person warped for stirring. An hour later chairman Gosteleradio has called: That I it on air did not see! . But for me Olga Vysotsky has interceded the announcer. And only then were Good night... a blue spark From the bottom of the heart On a visit at a fairy tale .

- Now the TV look?

- Sight does not allow, only news I watch, moreover programs about animals, especially that are pleasant that conducts Kohl Drozdov. With what love he examines any spiders! All - taki I when - that on radio have recommended the good person. It is a pity that such ever less, and from new almost nobody is pleasant to me.

madam, bread!

- and of that you in life were afraid?

- Already there is nothing me to be afraid. Anything I do not need any more - to die only easy. I after all and blockade have worried, and such things temper. In blockade the father, and us was lost, children, cigarettes " have rescued only; the Asterisk - mother has taught them to smoke, that it would be desirable to eat less... I remember, there is I on a Moscow point through a ditch which was dug by captured Germans. And the German stretches to me hands with a lighter, and lips whisper: Madam, bread! such hands I any more did not see - aristocratic fingers, hands of the violinist. And the fascist. The supervisor to me has allowed to feed the German. I have resulted it home, it suffices a spoon, shivers, but does not eat. Could not attack on meal in the presence of the woman. I have understood all and only left, as quickly - quickly zaskrebla a spoon.

- you were loved by all Soviet children...

- And I very much loved children and would give birth to a three. And what happiness would be to have grandsons! But God has given one son. But what it was the charming boy, and what long! He now two twenty and when was born, was necessary to sew diapers.

- as you live now?

- On the house I strive, I tidy up, I like a patience to spread out. And here with health not so, 2 years ago I have fallen and have hurt a vertebra, therefore from the house I do not leave. And with eyes badly, earlier with a magnifier read, and now at all I see nothing. Acquaintances call, only here on television about me have forgotten, though I and have given it all life. Even happy birthday have not congratulated, and I so waited...


Valentina LEONTEVA was born on August, 1st, 1923 in Leningrad. Worked sandruzhinnitsej, has ended operno - drama studio of Stanislavsky.

in 1954 has come on TV, was the assistant producer, then the announcer. The glory peak has had on the end 1960 - h - the beginning 1970 - h. With transfer From the bottom of the heart has gone round 54 cities of Russia.

in 2000 became winner TEFI For the personal contribution to development of domestic television .