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Tutta Larsen has returned to a hostel

Today, on January, 25th, Tatjanin day. The most student`s feast. Session comes to an end, vacation begins! To look, as live present studiozusy, it was filled up in one of the most well-known hostels of Moscow - the House of post-graduate students and students (DAS) the Moscow State University. And provozhatoj I have asked to be well-known Tuttu Larsen (a real name - Tatyana Romanenko).

- Greetings, I Tanja, I earlier here the vein, - has dumbfounded Tutta of little girls from 648 - j rooms.

- a fig to itself, itself Larsen! - Anja and Lena have stared. - only at us such brothel!

- anything, this room during my time on a broader scale was similar to camp of refugees - all by cases is partitioned off, rags zaveshano!

Anja, Lena, Katya, Natasha and Julja live five together. Four sleep on the beds, one - on a folding bed. On a wall the rainbow, on a ceiling - the sun is drawn.

- here! Here I slept, - have flopped on a bed in a corner Tutta Larsen, - and at me too over a head Jim Morrison`s portrait, cool hung!

here it was found out that coincidence does not come to an end with it. Anja - the present mistress of a cot in a corner - too from Donbass and too studies on journalism faculty. Mysticism any.


- Here you five together live. And we have given koridornoj a potato bucket, and us have lodged three together, - learnt lives of Tutta. - there Should be a place for love. Any musicians remained with me. There and then also rehearsed. I so have got acquainted with the ex-husband. And you beds creak?

- Ugu, - have confusedly started giggling little girls.

- then advice. You, when grooms come, mattresses on a floor transfer, then the bed will not creak.


In a room two tables, one - for the study, the second - economic. Tanja has glanced in kastrjulki:

- About, yes at you here rice, meat! And we prepared only supchiki from bags yes canned food mum`s.

but obshchezhitskaja the kitchen on - former reminded dirty wilderness.

- well and the smell in a hostel has not changed droplets as stinks! - Tutta was upset.


At someone from little girls the mobile phone has rung out.

- with money at you here, apparently, problems are not present, - has envied Tutta Larsen.

- at us stipuha - 250 roubles. But anybody on the grant does not live. To whom parents help, who works.

- and here we sometimes on crackers sat weeks, - Tanja has complained, - money at all was not. Grants sufficed on one campaign in McDonald`s !


But which - that in DASe has changed. Have opened video hire. In many rooms TVs with video players. And stolovku - toshnilovku have closed.

- To us in a cinema hall excellent cinema showed - Pazolini, Bjunjuelja, all classics, - remembers Tanja, - still discos good arranged. But a sit-round gathering with a guitar was the most cheerful.

little girls have there and then dragged the tool, and Tutta Larsen has struck on strings:

- Now a polonaise Oginsky sbatsaju!

And sbatsala. Has and more helped little girls to prepare for examination in the literature, has read aloud with expression head from Notes of Pikviksky club .

Tatyana with pleasure wandered on a hostel, searched, a leah pictures which she drew on walls were saved, left on a balcony on which wrote verses. And very much was upset that have closed a roof where they with girl-friends sunbathed in the summer.

a feast

- We on Tatjanin came off day directly on journalism faculty, - has shared Larsen. - and you that will do?

- Rvanem in the Main building of the Moscow State University - there medovuhu will pour in the evening also fireworks will arrange... - Anja has bragged.


Tatjanin day began to be marked as a Christian feast about 235 years. The abbess of Christian church Tatyana has undergone to cruel prosecutions for belief Christ`s. It have resulted in the Roman temple and adorations a pagan godhood have demanded from it. But Tatyana began to pray to Jesus Christ and so it is earnest that from a prayer the graven image has fallen and has broken, having pressed down many pagans. Tatyana executed. Later martyr Tatyana have consecrated a saint and began to mark its memory on January, 25th.

on January, 12th, 1755 the empress Elizabeth Petrovna has signed the decree About establishment of the Moscow university . The decree text was presented to it by Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov, the promoter of Lomonosov, the favourite of the empress. It was made in day of memory of sacred Tatyana. Shuvalov has chosen day not casually. So it has held in remembrance the mother Tatyana. In due course the national rumour has attributed to sacred Tatyana protection students.


the Perm students will burn cribs

By old kind tradition Tatjanin day Perm will note on the area before Legislative Assembly. Students will burn under the nose at deputies the cribs which have escaped after session, and a stuffed animal of the Blockhead (the straw horror story personifies educational misfortunes), and then will break into a dance, will drive on sledge, will choose most charming Tanjushu. For a title students from nine Perm high schools begin to fight.

in Cheboksary will pass competition Tatyana Povolzhja - 2003

Among Tatyanas - students of high schools of Privolzhsky federal district - will choose the most beautiful.

In Peter the celebratory prayer service

In high schools of St.-Petersburg on January, 25th in the seventh time will take place will pass commemorating of Day of sacred Tatyana. In the Kazan cathedral church after a liturgy the celebratory prayer service to sacred Tatyana which will be headed by the rector of Spiritual academy diocesan Tikhvin Konstantin will take place.

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