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huliganit in Samara

For the first time potustoronnie forces have let Lenin`s phantom know about themselves in V.I.Lenin`s Samara museum in 1986. At this time here prepared for capital restoration: drilled, hollowed, removed a covering from walls. Probably, this unusual noise in the patriarchal house also has woken spirit.

a ghost at the device!

Then the office managing a museum settled down on the second floor, and just under it was sluzhebka for the personnel. In rooms there were parallel phones. Every day about five o`clock in the evening when the heads left home, phone in the bottom room began is characteristic potrenkivat as if someone on other device dials number.

at first watchmen rushed on the second floor, unlocked an office... And anybody there did not find. Gradually to ringing phone have got used.

then the ghost has replaced tactics: after closing of a museum it began to walk about on rooms of the second floor. In the booming wooden house steps were audible so distinctly that watchmen again rushed upwards on a ladder, suspecting that someone from schoolboys - tourists has hidden under a bed and now has a good time. Rummaged around all corners, looked in everyone shchelochku... Also did not find the infringer, came back in a witness mark. But, as soon as in the house the silence set in, steps were distributed again.

Force of family bonds

having much developed on the dwelling, the ghost has begun to introduce in it an order. By rules of home life of times of the end of a XIX-th century the matrimonial bed should stand in a room of the wife, and in an office of the husband - only a sofa for day rest. But the Soviet authorities have judged on - to other: a family of the leader of world proletariat it is far from carnal affairs and to ministers of a museum was veleno to establish two separate beds. One - in a room of the sister of Lenin Anny Ilinichny, another - in a room of her husband Mark Yelizarov.

such injustice was not pleasant to Spirit. Every morning museum workers found the same picture: Mark Timofeevicha`s bed all has been turned. And sometimes any unknown force and at all got a bed moving forward. As soon as in a room of Anna have put a double bed, disgraces have there and then stopped.

Ole - flowers, to children - ice-cream...

After settlement family relations the pacific ghost was accepted to housekeeping. Those who though a few sign with Vladimir Ilicha`s biography, for certain remember that his mother Maria Aleksandrovna baked remarkable pies.

now in Lenin`s birthday or in day of his death aroma of a rich batch every year reaches museum workers. First women even tried to find out each other: who has brought today an entertainment? And in day of death of Olga - Vladimir Ilicha`s sisters who very much loved wild flowers, aroma of lilies of the valley gets into museum halls...

now workers of a museum even are proud of a thrifty ghost. However, till now argue, whose phantom has lodged in a museum.

- though to guess simply, - assumes the Maya It is exemplary, - after all Lenin`s body is not betrayed till now to the earth, means, and his soul has not found to itself rest.


the Building in which V.I.Lenin`s Samara House museum settles down, has been constructed in 1885. It belonged to a merchant to Ilya Alekseevichu Rytikovu. On the ground floor of a wooden private residence settled down Shop on sale on carrying out of Russian and foreign grape wines in the same place a vein and a family of the master of the house. And - six small rooms and kitchen - Rytikovy handed over all second floor to lodgers.

Ulyanovs rented here apartment since May 1890 - go till August, 1893. By this time any more there was no in live family head Ilya Nikolaevicha and elder son Alexander, and Olga studied on Bestuzhevsky courses. Therefore in the house of Rytikovyh have lodged Maria Aleksandrovna,

20 - summer Vladimir Ilich, mladshenkaja Manjasha, Mitja, Anna with husband Mark Yelizarov and its nephew Eugene.


These evil spirits have forever prepared in CHK

If at night in Peter on Moskovsky prospectus to stop opposite to House of Councils, it is possible to hear the freezing I smother the shouts replaced by groans and abstruse we cry...

in 1920 - e years of the last century a certain division of special department OGPU here settled down. And this department, by the way, diligently studied magic and searched for the certain magic weapon, called to provide a communism clear victory all over the world. Shortly all who was involved in work of special department, under different pretexts have shot. And across Leningrad hearings have spread: say, security officers have deduced evil spirits unprecedented and have locked it in a cellar that, God forbid, has not escaped outside.

And STILL there was a CASE...

Ilyich in pivbare deprived of visitors of memory

In March, 1897 by a steamship Prelate Nikolay Vladimir Lenin has gone in legendary shushenskuju the link. To 100 - letiju the leader on a little craft the branch of museum of local lore has been opened. The cabin where Ilyich whiled away 4 - day swimming became its central exhibit. Two-metre kletushku plank beds, a desk and the reading Lenin`s wax figure have occupied.

in the middle of 1990 - h businessmen, having pressed a museum exposition, have opened by a steamship pub. This institution became one of the most exotic vacation spots of Krasnoyarsk citizens. Idlers, having slapped beer, considered as the debt to glance on a spark to Ilyich, and the guide with pleasure told its canonical story about Lenin. And money from tourists did not take - to enter in pivbar, visitors paid cost of the museum ticket.

but soon barmen have started to notice strange things. With frightening regularity otguljavshie the day before Krasnoyarsk citizens began to come to a bar next morning and to ask the caps forgotten in the evening, portfolios, documents... Barmen assured clients: you supposedly at us did not leave anything, have left yesterday early and quite sober.

- all spoke almost same, - has told barman Serega. - Has come to you yesterday, has drunk pair of mugs, and further as the fog on eyes falls. Memory vanishes!

for Prelate Nikolay ill fame was fixed. Visitors became ever less, and the bar eventually was closed.