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In the State Duma the itch

On the Duma was got now hearings one more terribly another walk: ostensibly some deputies, having a rest on winter vacation in the exotic countries, have picked up there an itch. Independently cure hvor could not, have run after feasts in departmental polyclinic in Sivtsevom Vrazhke (where all political elite is treated), it there have registered ointments, ordered to change all bottom and bed-clothes. And now in completion to all poor fellows - chesotochnikov are caught in the Duma by workers of a local first-aid post (it the signal " has arrived; from above ) And violently force to make tests.

but there is more to come! Like on the personal account all assistants to scratched deputies are taken also - it is ordered to them to be in a first-aid post on the ground floor of the State Duma and to be surveyed at the doctor - infektsionista. And in last days off some offices in Ohotnij rjad in the conditions of the strict privacy - not to call a panic - processed a special disinfection solution.

... For the purpose of hearing check I go to the Duma first-aid post. I ask a tablet from a headache, and at the same time accurately I am interested at the nurse on duty as affairs with analyses of deputies are. The person of mine the vis-a-vis becomes more white a medical dressing gown:

- Go, go from here, we to you will not tell about any illnesses are a medical secret. And on a broader scale with you too there can be everyone. As - that to us one known journalist who - I will not tell was converted behind the help. By the way, it had a strong vomiting and a diarrhoeia. And at you can be such. It is pleasant, a leah that, will be, if we all then tell about this?

- it is good, about an itch and a diarrhoeia we will not be, - I am not appeased. - but though with what hvorjami there are to you deputies more often?

- With a hypertensive crisis. Happens, even cannot reach - call directly in an office, - the nurse is frank with compassion on the person.

- and you are capable to render to the patient any on-site assistance?

- All. At us very much qualified personnel - doctors of everything, even narrow, specialities.

and here our unintentional conversation is interrupted with two visitors - the elegant, well-groomed girl and the young man. Hastily to me having said goodbye, the nurse directs to them. Conversation fragments reach me.

- we are assistants to deputy N. You just called to us and asked to come. What`s happened?

- your deputy is sick of an itch, - begins accurate calling The nurse. - it was already treated, be not afraid. But you are with it in direct contact. Here after all for a hand it you for certain took last two weeks also phone to one use?

killed on the spot news about an itch, assistants in eager rivalry begin to discuss, who from them sits to the unfortunate deputy more close and how much time they drank tea from its mug.

- now you are surveyed by the doctor - hands to it will show, well and there all other, - the lady in a white dressing gown tenderly asks. - you to whom want - to the man or to the woman?

- I all the same, - ice tone am responded by the girl, the assistant to deputy N. - If only faster.

in ten minutes assistants one after another a bullet jump out from a first-aid post. On their cheerful persons I understand: the itch passed them.

- now it is necessary to change all bed-clothes, and then still the iron to iron. And in an office - that at us as all have filled in - and have not warned after all! And we with you hardly have not called militia, - their dialogue reaches me.

(surnames of the ill deputies for ethical reasons we do not name.)


the Itch (see the Directory of the practical doctor ) - The parasitic disease arising at hit on a skin of the scabby tick. It is characterised by an itch and a rash in the field of wrists, armpits, a stomach, elbows and mezhjagodichnoj folds. The itch activator - the tick, or zuden, a parasite of an animal origin, under the form reminding a turtle. Infection with an itch occurs at direct contact to the patient - in public baths, the general bed, children catch at using the general toys. It is treated or vtiraniem in a skin of a solution of hyposulphite and 6 % - nogo a solution of hydrochloric acid (a method of Demjanovicha), or ointment of Vilkinsona (a brimstone and soap mix).

And at this time

In the Duma drugstore buy up ointments

Two steps away from a first-aid post - the Duma chemist`s stall. Behind a counter pretty girl Nastja.

- I Look, at you many exotic ointments with any grasses, - I begin conversation.

- Yes it from rheumatism and pains in joints! These here with a ginseng, for example, employees of the device willingly buy ointments from me. Will be smeared and sit then over documents.

- and ointment from an itch you often ask? - I dare at a main point. And here my interlocutor as have changed.

- Me to journalists to talk neveleno, - accurately summarises Nastja and it is there and then switched to other client.