Rus News Journal

Yury Bashmet: Improvisation with Stingom

Once to me have suggested to take part in a charitable concert in Carnegie - a hall. The offer seemed very attractive not because the concert has been devoted protection of woods against acid rains that is why that invited Sting...

Rehearsals before a concert (and the Madonna, both Elton John participated in it also, and Stivi Uander) I will not forget never. Rehearsed product of Sen - Sanz the Carnival of animals in which each play is connected with any animal, and Bobbi Makferren awfully ridiculously them represented.

atmosphere was remarkable. I do not speak about how there all has been adjusted what was equipment. Were necessarily remembered the Lvov guitar past and what means we managed in due time. And here... Microphones without the seeing-off, two striking forces on the different ends of a scene, and game of three duhovikov which nailed improbable chords of perfect quality! In general, slobbers flew, it wanted to remember the past. But I, of course, did not dare to take a guitar and something such to play... Once I all - taki have dared to joke, have approached to Stingu and have inserted to it into a chin the alto. Thought, let will try to take though any sound. He as - that has confusedly smiled, took a bow, and - suddenly very such decent sound has appeared, with vibration - I directly was surprised. In the same evening at a concert I have understood, why it was possible: singing any song, Sting took a contrabass and has fine played. All has fallen into place.

still occurrence of one of my graven images - Stivi Uandera was shock for me. It finished all concert. It have deduced, as it blind, have set on a chair, Uander has lifted hands and has struck the first chord. Harmony absolutely pure is me has killed on the spot. One note can be played blindly, and here a chord directly from emptiness, without preparation!. I well all saw - sat in thirty centimetres at his back. And then there was a deification of a concert when all participants could improvise and play something during a final song...

has passed time, and once I at - went to any French city to play with an orchestra. There was an evening, I felt very tired. When has returned to hotel, to me have handed over a fax from Stinga. In it there was a biography of any Chinese musician, extensive enough, and Sting asked to sign the letter in its protection, addressed to Clinton, - the Chinese was the political prisoner. I have instantly put the autograph and also a fax have sent back and have gone to bed, and have at breakfast received one more fax - already with gratitude for an early reply and the decision to help in the morning.

then some months I about it did not hear anything. And already in other country has received the letter from this Chinese who wrote that was improbably happy that such people have stood up for it that we always should be together, help each other. In general, very warm message and in the end of its addition: By the way, while the letter has reached Clinton, I was free a month . And further followed continuation: My were the neighbour in the chamber too the musician, too is imprisoned, now it is necessary to it to help...

... Next time we have met in Florence. It appears, at Stinga in Tuscany the house and an estate where he prepared a new album. And if it works over a new album does not act and does not leave at all the house. But here has seen my posters and has come on a concert. After a concert we have gone to have supper to conductor Simeon Bychkovu: his wife - the French pianist Mariel Lebek, and at them the remarkable house in Florence. There, naturally, there were grand pianos, and after a supper of Sting has asked Mariel to play the beginning of its favourite product of Schubert... As a result under its request she has played it more than ten times!

Then as - that naturally I and itself have appeared at a grand piano. I did not begin to persuade him to sing, but it, having seen that I can quite accompany it, have started singing one of old, known songs of group Procol Harum which I remembered and loved on the Lvov life. And all went well while I have not forgotten that there there is any average part. After all so much years have passed... I apologised, after all for me game on a grand piano all - taki not the main business... But he all the same was upset.