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the Pilot Safiulin will not fly more

14. 01. Of this year has told about preliminary results of investigation of causes of accident of the plane Silt - 62 in Bishkek. On the Internet on an aviation site www. avia. ru discussion of our publication has taken place. Here some responses of pilots:

the Scythian, E - a mail: slavamir@freemail. ru

- Criminal in civil aircraft, and also stupid which daddies have punched in pilots, it is a lot of. And it when normal guys after flight school are urged to work as stewards, aircraft technicians or loaders. I finished flight school and all saw - payoffs, bribes, the patronage. It has gone, untidily and nasty.

Alexey, the second pilot Silt - 76, E - a mail: alexpilot1@yandex. ru:

- Pilots who have not enough flight hours, meet, but is very rare. And here patients come across very often because doctors willingly money takes on medical board. Old too is pretty often, but they are professionals of the business and will outdo any. Unexperienced, but arranged on protection - individual copies, and such nobody loves. Them name pozvonochnymi - employed on a call .

Konstantin Teterin, the pilot the Boeing - 767 Aeroflot :

- the Case about Silt - 62 airlines Tretjakovo - unique, and similar I do not know. The statement that every twentieth pilot has no right to operate the air liner entrusted it, considers as attempt to present the fried facts of unprepared audience. If meet false pilots, one on hundred persons.

military rassledovatel Alexey PETROV:

- duration of investigation of such elementary failure Is amazing. The crew is live, black boxes are not hurt, and conclusions are not present also three months later. Similar aviaincidents in other departments are investigated 10 - 15 days. Involuntarily there is a thought about not casual a careful attitude to to the hero this failure.

and here official comments:

the Vice-president of Interstate aviation committee Oleg YERMOLOV:

- the Priority direction of researches of causes of accident in Bishkek is the human factor as the data of decodings of airborne recorders has shown that failures of systems and plane units were not. The definitive report on investigation now prepares. As soon as it will be ready, you can familiarise with it.

in Department of flight standards of Public service of civil aircraft Have assured that a case in Bishkek - rare and unique. The director of airline Tretjakovo forced subordinates (though, can, and they so usluzhivali to it) to make the documents, resolving to hand over the theory and flight practice on the following class. Such facts of frank forgery in GSGA any more will not remember - were insignificant one - two for ten years.

the flight certificate and the flight book of Safiulina are recognised by void. It any more has no right to fly on what it is informed all airlines of Russia.