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I do not want to be on friendly terms with you!

the trip with a concert to Nizhni Novgorod at Boris Moiseyev was not set from the very beginning. On platform of Kursk station it was found out that organizers had not time to bring up tickets - have got stuck in the Moscow stoppers. Borja as the person responsible, could not admit failure of tours. And the fee in 11 thousand dollars on road does not roll...

having collected all man`s charm, Moiseyev has persuaded the conductor of car SV to take it aboard without the ticket. Such eminent hares in a train Nizhegorodets otrodjas did not happen, and the conductor has agreed to help the actor.

unexpected occurrence in a double compartment of the main singer other love poverglo in shock of the fellow traveller which was already arranged on a sofa. The official of city administration of Nizhni Novgorod has appeared it.

- I could not present, as it it is possible to sleep easy in one compartment with Boris Moiseyev, - this person, the Georgian on a nationality which has asked not to name his name because of intimacy of the moment admitted, - and has decided not to keep its the company.

the adherent of normal love has taken off from a compartment and has categorically demanded from the conductor to relieve it of a society of the scandalous singer. Which - as to the official have found a place in other compartment. Borja went to Bottom in loneliness. By the way, organizers of a concert have caught up with it by the car only under Bottom, in Dzerzhinsk. So at least forty minutes Moiseyev has driven fairly. Not a hare ...

Viktyuk nevertheless will have sex in Lvov

We wrote, how local authorities have forbidden erotic tour in the homeland of the fellow countryman (on January, 16th)

And here the Lvov officials have thought again. One of these days to the director have called to Moscow and have apologised on behalf of regional administration for the ridiculous situation which has arisen round performance Give we will have sex! . The commission zapretitelej have dismissed. The play it was planned to show on a scene of local opera theatre on February, 2nd. However time is missed. As organizers of tours have informed, for the remained days it is very difficult to sell tickets. Therefore it decided to transfer performance display for April. But admirers of creativity of Roman Viktuk nevertheless will see its work in the near future. On February, 9th at opera theatre the tragicomedy in two actions " will be shown; Ferdinando .