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Anywhere ROSNO?!

the Roller with words ROSNO has got! (there at the car back glass break) at first has entered me into a stupor, and has then motivated to get to the truth.

well I could not understand - though kill, - anywhere it ROSNO or in what...

As a great idea of authors and the protagonist of a roller actor Ivan ShChetko at first has not understood. Well the insurance company of otreklamirovat has wanted.

But it is abstruse - that so what for? However, it is pleasant to the people, the people have fun, and, driving by any silly failure, we automatically mark: ROSNO has got!

the protagonist of a commercial Ivan became casually. To Minsk (because here more cheaply to remove) has arrived the command of Moscow director Vladimir Yankovsky, and to a casting have invited local actors. Their persons are familiar to the Russian televiewers, have become familiar. At Ivan that day was free, and it has gone on tests with friends - actors. Simply so. From there is nothing to do. For fun in the manner of the madman has laughed in the chamber and... HAS got In ROSNO. Have selected it.

- fairly to admit, - Ivan, - the driver I not so remembers shootings. Once handed over on the rights - has not handed over. And the car at me is not present while. But a tractor I am able to drive - at me even the document is. And so... Before shootings have planted me in a brand new foreign car and speak: move a little, poobvyknis. I with delight travelled about along the street hour ones and a half: for this purpose even movement have blocked. There would be a possibility, I would run away by this car so it was pleasant to me...

- and still that from shootings was remembered?

- have dressed me in expensive shop for the whole five hundred dollars! Even socks for 10 dollars have bought!

- My God! And socks - that what for?

- Well... That looked well, representative seemed.

- Also that - prikid after shootings... Have presented?

- not - and. Have taken away. And socks have left!

- listen, and how back glass at the car broke? In you that - KamAZ ran?

- the idea such also was: like I wash the car someone behind beats. But technically it is impracticable: every time a wheelbarrow you will not break, therefore beat out only back glass. The problem was that glasses was only two. On two doubles. The first time glass have blown up a petard. Unsuccessfully. Therefore on the second double behind the car the muzhik with a hammer and from all force dolbanul on glass, that for certain was attached. The sensation was not from pleasant - as if to you in a back from kalashnikova shoot...

is there was thy first fighting advertising experience?

- is not present, I advertised before pelmeni. And native academy - I on the fourth year of the Belarus State academy of arts study.

- popularity Fruits help you to hand over examinations?

- unfortunately, not so. Live I in Moscow, probably, me in streets and learnt. And in Minsk your advertising almost do not broadcast...

... We will hope well, that test by copper pipes at Ivan still ahead as in Minsk youth theatre he plays serious enough roles. And advertising... Let remains to its small hobby which will help to earn in due course on the big car.

ah, yes! For those who has not understood: ROSNO - that HAS got on money!

Dear readers!

we Want that or not, but advertising takes more and more a place in our life. That without noticing, we alternate our dialogues by advertising phrases.

here some, become popular in different years:

... And thick - a thick layer of chocolate

I drink and pisaju, pisaju and again I drink...

... It is painfully black, besides it is hot...

where was? - Beer of saws!

villages Ivanushka on the Fad and - has jumped!

Pedro! The evil spirit to you in an edge!

you who? - I the White Eagle!

and you, bald, I phone will not tell!

it is my foot, it is her foot...

send in our heading the most remembered advertising expressions - under your letters we will make a rating. Write, about whom from advertising heroes you would like to learn? Letters send with a mark People of advertising on the address of edition or on the electronic address: amelkina@